Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Under the Weather!

Hello Friends, both old and new! I am feeling a little under the weather today, in fact the whole house has been sick, my brother said we got it from "the little petri dishes" otherwise know and my niece and nephew.

I wanted to write a post today about my two blog awards that I received in the last few day, The Blog on Fire Award, from Tina at The Enchanted Home, and the Liebster Blog Award from Debra at Acquired Objects. But frankly I am so tired, and worn out that I would not be able to do the winners of these awards justice so I will have to do that tomorrow.

As for today, you will see me propped in my bed, reading blogs, and drinking tea, or cocoa or taking long naps.  See you tomorrow! Thank you Tina and Debra again for the awards, and a big thanks to my new followers and people that came over from both blogs to leave kind comments and to check me out!


  1. Oh NO! I hate feeling that way! I have been lucky so far this winter. Have been arount lots of petrie dishes :-) but no infection yet! You watch, now I've said that I'll probably catch yours just by blogging to you.

    Hope you feel better soon Elizabeth!
    Much Love

  2. Enjoy the rest Elizabeth and feel better!

    Hugs from a distance!

  3. Elizabeth most important thing is you to feel better. Awards can wait and they will be there for you tomorrow or next week....take the time you need to rest and get better!!
    Hope its soon!

  4. My precious friend,

    I went back to school today so I was unable to come visit...I WISH YOU WELL MY DEAR! And so sorry to hear you are unwell....back in a minute via email. BISOUS, Anita

  5. Oh you dear one,

    You came to see me EVEN while not feeling well....school was just fine. Everyone slid into the day nice and quietly; go to sleep now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  6. Feel better, Elizabeth!
    It's always excited to
    be recognized by peers;
    congratulations! Now,
    please take it easy and
    eat some chicken soup!

    xx Suzanne


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