Friday, February 10, 2012

25 Radom Things About Me

Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect blog is having a fun link party today, you are supposed to write 25 random things about yourself.

Image by me

1. I love Winter.
2. I hate Summer, both random things that will make people think I am crazy.
3. I love that it gets dark early in the winter.
4. I love snow, and I love to be the first person to make tracks in it.

5. Being a winter lover, I love hot chocolate and drink it everyday of the year.
6. I love to bake. Most often I find that I like the raw brownie batter or the cookie dough better than the finished product.

Image by me

6. I love cheese! I could eat macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese pizza everyday.
7. I love to travel.
8. Paris is the place I travel to most often but it is not my favorite place.

Image by me
9. I went to school in Limoges, France for a summer.
10. I have been to Paris every year for the last 30 years, to visit friends and take in the sights.
11. Although there are lots of fabulous restaurants in Paris I prefer to eat eclairs, hot chocolate, crepes and cheese the more smelly the better.

via me

12. My favorite place is Scotland, the first time visited there I felt as if I was "home."
13. I hope to live in a cottage on a loch with a beautiful little garden.

14. I worked at the Library of Congress for a year.
15. I have a Masters Degree from Marquette University.
16. I studied for two years at the University of Chicago with thoughts toward a Doctorate degree.
17. I currently work for my family's business; my mother owns a leather manufacturing company.
18. I met my husband at a trade show, we work for competing companies.
19. I love Christmas! The lights, the trees, the baking, wrapping gifts.
20. I just helped my mom take the last of her 3 Christmas trees down last week.

21. I love washing dishes.
22. I hate getting up early, I am a night owl.
23. I love reading and read a new book about every other day, although, blog reading and Pinterest sometimes cuts into that time.

24. Starting a blog was the most scary thing I have done. In fact I actually registered for a blog in 2008 but did not write my first post until 2010 because I was too afraid.
25. My first blog anniversary is coming up in March and I cannot believe that I have managed to continue to write for a year!

I hope you have a great weekend. Do you have big plans? I am seeing friends and spending time with family. And of course looking forward to Downton Abbey. Enjoy your day!

On a side note, I was going to show you some images of the current exhibition I saw at The John Michael Kohler Art Center, but I received an email from the marketing department yesterday asking me not to show any images of the exhibition. Strange considering the very images I was going to use were from their website as well as the site of the artist that I really liked. Not to mention the fact that the images and You Tube videos are in the public domain. I will defer to their request and not show you an images but instead refer you to their web page.

Come over to Perfectly Imperfect and join the link there are so many interesting blogs and random thoughts I have spent an hour reading them.


  1. Dearest Elizabeth, I am smiling ear to ear as I read this delightful post! :) (except the exhibition would think they would want free advertising!)

    It is so fun to know more about you (my stinky cheese kindred spirit..haha!), and how interesting that you and your husband work for competing companies?
    Isn't that a gorgeous shot of a Scottish cottage? I do hope that dream comes true for you, chere amie..

    Thank you for sharing this!!
    Have a splendid weekend :))
    - Irina

  2. GOOD EVENING MY PRECIOUS FRIEND! I see our sister Irina is here and now I am here, now suffering from a new sore throat!!!!!!!!! I was out for bus duty today when I could feel the COLD FREEZING air get into my chest. HOW ARE YOU? I LOVE THESE THINGS ABOUT YOU! Oh Elizabeth, you are so sweet. I will visit tomorrow via email! LOVE TO YOU DEAR ONE! Anita

  3. would like my cottage. It is not in Scotland, but I try to give it a European flair!!! LOVE! Anita

  4. Oh precious one, YOU TOO HAVE A SORE THROAT???? Did we both not just get over a long and harsh cold? It was so cold today, the coldest it has been ALL SEASON, and wouldn't you know that it would be the week I was out on busy duty! I am feeling so sick that I best go get a cup of HOT COCOA!!!!!!!!!!

    AND....I got a little card in the mail darling friend you....

    Peace, love and many hugs of gratitude to you dear one. Anita

  5. Loved this Elizabeth! And you know the scary part? The really scary part? Up UNTIL the "I love washing dishes" haha, part I felt like it was me writing this..I kid you not. Freaky. I mean all the things I love (and dont' like) you named. Amazing how blogging brings out the commonality in people who would otherwise likely never meet!! Loved reading more about you.....cheers to snow!

  6. This was fun reading Elizabeth and getting to know more about you. I think we were all scared to put up our first post it really comes down to "what if they don't like me?" But like minded people have been brought together for a reason. Enjoy your weekend!


  7. I loved reading about YOU today Elizabeth.... I am so glad you started blogging, I am so glad you found me, I am so glad I found YOU... :) xx

  8. I enjoyed every one of your 25 you wonderful woman!
    Much Love


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