Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Castles Crowns and Cottages Blog Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If you have read my blog for a bit than you know I am a great admirer of Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages, every time I read her blog I am transported to a wonderful place. Her poetry and writings always bring a smile to my face, a spring in my step and joy to my heart. Her talent and friendship are limitless. Recently Anita started  an Etsy shop to showcase her beautiful creations which I think are perfect for Valentines Day. Anita handcrafts these delightful theaters, birds, wands and cards, which are romantic, whimsical and magical.

Magical Wands of Love, Life and Light!

Fabulous Blue Birds of Happiness

Original art cards

Heart shaped boxes.

Wands of love

What a wonderful way to tell someone that you love them!


  1. Hello Elizabeth
    How lovely of you to write this post, and I agree with everything you have written here. Anita has the most wonderful talent for, well, most things actually!! I purchased some cards and a little blue bird in his nest from Anita's etsy shop. They are so beautifully made and I am delighted with them. And yes, Anita IS a very kind and gentle soul.

    I hope you are keeping well Elizabeth. Apologies for missing so many of your posts, life is a bit hectic at present!
    Abby xx

  2. Don't we know it, dear friend!!!
    And Abby has the little nested bird...I was fortunate see to see these creations in person, oh they are so exquisitely beautiful.
    Elizabeth, you are one of the kindest, most generous souls. Anita's work really needs to be experienced. I have one of the blue heart wands, as well as the art cards..they make me so very happy.
    Big hugs to you, sweet one!
    - Irina

  3. MY DEAR ONE, I AM FINALLY HERE! It was one of those mornings where I could not get to all my emails for GETTING UP TOO LATE: 5:00am!!!!

    THis is too wonderful, just kind as can be my sweet one! THANK YOU and it is so fun to see my work on someone's blog!!!

    You will get a kick out of my next creation, I HOPE!

    WOW, this is just so kind my friend! !!! MUCH LOVE, and I will come via email! Anita

  4. Oh this is so nice....I just had to show Ruben!



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