Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday! Super Bowl Appetizers

Hello! Happy Friday! Goodness the week went fast! Perhaps it was because I took the day off and spent it in Kohler with my mom on Wednesday or just that the other days I was working so much that life zoomed by. Whatever the case I am happy to be able to stay in this weekend and do what I love; bake, sew (OK, my mom will be sewing but I will do the cutting and the pinning and watching) read and of course watch the commercials on Super Bowl XLVI until Downton Abbey comes on.

Are you a football fan? Do you have a favorite team? The Giants or the Patriots? I am not really a sports fan but if I have to watch I think football is the preferred one. I will be watching out for the commercials because I do enjoy those. Are you having a party? Or going to a party?

I personally like parties with lots of little bites, or appetizers. So I thought I would peruse Pinterestand see what I could find. These are a few of the things I would serve if I was having a party.

 And of course a few half time treats! All of the chocolate treat above are on my other blog Once Upon a Chocolate Life and of course there are tons of other ideas on Pinterest.

I hope you have a great weekend!  Enjoy the game or Downton Abbey or any of the other great things you are doing and the people you are doing them with!


  1. OK now I'm hungry! You've shown some wonderful apps that I want to try...Go Pats!


  2. Thank you, dear friend! As always, you know how to get that mouth watering:)))
    Enjoy the weekend, sweet Elizabeth..
    (No football for me, just a bit of Downton!)
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  3. It's not fair to tempt me like that!! These look utterly delicious - I'll have one of each, please!!


  4. I knew visiting you would give me the direction I needed. Every year we go to our good friends for Superbowl...its a tradition, they alwys go all out. This year my husband doesn't want to leave our house (neither do I) and he invited them over. I have been sooo busy unpacking and settling in, haven't had a second to think about what to make. Normally I would love to cook something special but just too wiped out, plus I took a bad fall yesterday and knee is killing so barely walking we are going to order Italian but I am going to do the appetizers (my favorite part anyway) I make a good baked brie but am looking for different things and you gave me some fabulous ideas....thanks Elizabeth!

  5. I must be the only woman in England who hasn't watched Downton Abbey! It always starts while I'm in Brittany and I have no time for catch up TV (just imagine best Maggie Smith tone!)

    Dear Elizabeth, I wanted to let you know that you have won the tea towels in my give away, I'm so delighted.
    I have put an email address on my blog, so you can send me your address, and the towels will be winging their way across "The Pond" asap

  6. Those sliders - yummmmmm! Tehy do it for me. I'm along for the Superbowl ride, being married to an American and living in the UK, it means a late night for us as it doesn't start until around midnight and is on until 4am. We also don't see the USA ads which I miss as I know they make the good ones for the SB.
    Enjoy your Sunday. We are Redskins and Broncos fans so I don't know who we will root for. The guys with the best arses for me I guess :-)

  7. Good morning precious friend! I am actually sick to my stomach at the moment!!!!!!!!! teeeheee...but I will comment anyway, because you are just a super FRIEND that I adore, and I am late but I am getting around as best I can before I get to cleaning my house. SUNDAY I SEE IRINA!

    LOVE TO YOU, Anita


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