Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

Good morning! Happy Groundhog Day! What do you think, will  Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow and declare 6 more weeks of winter? This has been such a strange winter all over the globe, so I think in some places 6 more weeks of winter would be welcome. I am in Wisconsin for work  and so far this winter we have had two snow falls about 12 inches total, that is WAY under the average. What about your neck of the woods? Are you having an average winter? Or are you having a heat wave?

Happy Groundhogs day! Enjoy and if you are interested in watching the action live click the link above!


  1. I think he will see his shadow in a much SLIMMER VERSION to declare that spring is already HEre!!!! OOOOoooooooo look how cute this little picture is!!! teeeheeee....oh dear and precious friend, I am running again; I have an observation this morning and I have to be in my classroom to prepare for meeting with my observer before she watches me teach. I do not like this part of teaching!

    I saw your email and will come tonight! LOVE TO YOU DEAREST and yes, we need some snow! Anita

  2. It's barely been winter here so I'm okay if he sees his shadow...and we have 6 more weeks of winter.

  3. Oh dear, 6 more weeks to come. Back to my Cody bed for me then! It's freezing here in the UK. Hope you are keeping well honey.

  4. Snow in the forecast this weekend Elizabeth, our first...waiting to see if it happens. All we ask for is one good snowstorm before moving to Vietnam.:) best wishes for a lovely weekend .. Jeanne xx


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