Saturday, February 18, 2012

RIP Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Rest in Peace Whitney.

I was shocked and saddened last weekend when I heard of the passing of Whitney Houston, sad because a mother lost her daughter and because a daughter lost her mother. I hope she finds peace and pray for her and her family, most especially her daughter.

Rest in Peace Whitney.


  1. Good morning precious friend.

    Yes, I was totally stunned; this talent was still too young to not only pass, but to experience such a tragic life. "WHY?" I always ask, when such a beautiful and TALENTED human being has to experience so much pain......

    Thank you for visiting last night! I suspect that you are finally home????? SAFE AND SOUND MY DEAR??????

    YES! DOWNTON ABBY IS COMING in the mail any day now! I will let you know how I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Hugs to you; I have a lot to do today to finish my wares for my Etsy for next week! Anita

  2. Well said, very tragic that she lost her life so young. A huge talent to be sure, but one that seemed tormented for a long time. I do hope she is finally at peace.

  3. i hope she is at peace now. she "almost had it all"......


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