Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snowflakes are one of a kind...

I love snow! If you have read my posts for any length of time you know that Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year. I grew up where we experienced four seasons, and  I even lived in Alaska for a two years, perhaps that is where my love of the snow comes from ?

Whatever the case, for the last 12 years my life has taken me to live where we do not have the four seasons. Sometimes it seems like we only have any case, I have been spending a considerable amount of time in Wisconsin this winter and although it is the 4th warmest winter on record I have managed to experience some really beautiful snowfalls.

When it snows, in addition to wanting to be the first person to make the tracks in the snow, my other favorite thing to do is to shovel the snow in the dark ( no snow blower or help needed), I love to be the only one out, with the wind whistling through the trees, the snow softly falling and the stars shining bright in the sky. The last few days have been just like that and they have been magical.

All snow images above taken by me in Wisconsin.

All the snow in the last few days reminded me that each snowflake is unique and there are "no two alike." This  fact was first noted and photographed by Wilson A. Bentley, or Snowflake Bentley as he has been affectionately named.

 From the time he was a small boy on his family farm Wilson was fascinated by ice crystals or snowflakes and this passion led him through trial and error to develop and take the first images of a single snowflake in 1885. In his lifetime Snowflake Bentley  would go on to capture 5000 slides. In fact it was this very passion that led to his death, after walking six miles to take photos of snowflakes he caught pneumonia and died.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! As Downton Abbey is not on I guess I will have to watch the Oscars, although Suzanne from Privet and Holly suggested that the new Upstairs Downstairs on PBS might be an alternative until Downton comes back on, so I think I might check that out as well.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oooooo, I remember reading this story to my students last year! It is intriguing, this MICROWORLD that we often do NOT explore. But thanks to those curious scientists/ artists that look into the invisible light to find such treasures! AND DOWNTON ABBY...ahhhhh. FUN!!!!!! Upstairs downstairs? Another pleasant British experience? I must explore!


  2. Elizabeth I'm with you I simply have to live where we have four seasons. I lived in Arizona for sixteen years and absolutely hated it so glad to be in New England with weather.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Elizabeth, I understand what you mean about the four seasons. I live in Los Angeles, but used to live in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and went to college in Maine. I love and miss the four seasons and think each one has such beauty. Enjoy your winter wonderland and those images of snowflakes are just beautiful.
    xx Sunday

  4. Ooooh Elizabeth, You must watche the new Upstairs Downstairs. It does fill in the Downton gap. The sets are amazing, so art deco, my fave. Also, it was mostly filmed in Cardiff, just a mile or so from where I live. There is a scene in Germany where they are on the street about 2/3rds in. The big white grand building in the background is the National Museum of Wales.

    Do watch, I don't think you will be disappointed.

    I TOO LOVE SNOW. Are snowflakes amazing or what?

  5. So pretty!! I am craving some snow over here and am feeling a little jipped this season! I love four seasons and do not want to see this global warming trend!! Enjoy the Oscars!

  6. Elizabeth dear, snowflakes are a miracle...they make me so emotional.
    The story of Wilson Bentley is very touching, sad..but he was pursuing his passion. What a treasure, his photographs.
    And I love the four seasons as well. I'm with you when it comes to being surrounded by snow at night, the sparkle and freshness is magical. Lovely photos, dear friend.
    - Irina

  7. Dear friend, so wonderful to "see" you at my place today!
    I am intrigued by your tag, and I'll keep an eye out for you :)
    Hope your day is splendid!
    We are expecting rain/snow/sleet tomorrow...yikes.
    But I will be thinking of these miraculous snowflakes!
    Sending love your way,
    - Irina


    I am loving DOWNTON ABBY and I am hooked, and so is Ruben! We have both season 1 and 2 and I cannot wait for the third season to be available! Oh I hope that Bates and Anna or Hannah? get together to marry! And that snake Thomas, EEWWWW! He needs to get out of there! And will Mary marry? And I love Isis the dog....teeheee....her rump is always the first thing you see in the beginning of each chapter before you click on the PLAY episode button, as it is a scene of her and Lord Grantham walking!!!

    Dear one, you mentioned you tagged me? SPLENDID! But where? I don't see a tag post here....let me know and I shall play!!!!!! Anita

  9. I love how you talk about the season. It's about zero degrees here in east right now and I am jumping for joy inside. Both me and my daughter love the snow too. I will show you blog to my daughter when she gets off from school .

  10. I love how you talk about the season. We are experiencing a -4 degree temps here in Jesey City and I am jumping for joy. I love this weather, and I am jumping for joy inside. We love the snow and the cold weather. I will show your blog to my daughter as soon as she gets off from school today, since they are talking about snow in school today. Thank you, I am glad I searched and your blog showed up.


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