Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching up...

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I am trying to "keep calm" but I feel as if I am drowning. I have been away from home for 21/2 months and am feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the mail, boxes, Christmas decorations (yes, they are still up), and appointments, not to mention a sick pup and work.

My pup was at the vet yesterday and she has "allergies" in her ears, and colitis, basically an irritated colon caused possibly by the stress of travel. We are armed with ear wash for every other day, ear drops for everyday, antibiotics for twice a day and her everyday medication for her Cushings Disease. Have you ever tried to get a dog to eat that many meds in a day? Talk about a challenge. She is feeling a little better and managed to keep her dinner down. Thank you for everyone who asked after her welfare, your concern is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I was wondering where you were....but admittedly have been preoccupied with life too and not in blogland as much as I would have liked to be but things are finally settling down...Teddy has an ear infection so we also are doing the meds and ear wash...never a dull moment! Welcome home, wow that was a long time away.......guess you will be playing catch up now. Enjoy your day and remember to pace yourself:)

  2. my dear heart, I am sooooo sorry to hear about your little pup's situation! I have been so overwhelmed and busy with things that I somehow missed your mentioning that she was ill! And then YOU, having to come home to so much, that I know you have no idea where to start. That is scary! BUT start with one thing at a time, each day, then it will get down. SENDING YOU A BIG HUG MY FRIEND!!!! Anita

  3. Aww your poor pup that is a lot of meds. Dylan dog has to take thyroid meds twice a day and I stick them in the sharpest cheese I can find, he doesn't like mild cheese. Now that you're home I hope your pup starts to feel better.


  4. I wish you good luck and good energy. You'll get caught up, one day at a time. I hope your little pup is making a speedy recovery. Glad your home safe and sound, what a trip.
    Karen at Garden, Home & Party

  5. Oh! Your poor dog. I've always found wrapping medication in a slice of ham works with my dogs.
    Your journey home sounds nerve racking, I hope you take a few days to catch up slowly.
    Best wishes Jude x

  6. Hopefully things are
    calmer by the time you
    are reading this. Welcome
    home. I hope your pup
    continues to thrive. All
    that care is true love, mama!
    Don't stress too much. You'll
    be on top of things, soon!

    xx Suzanne


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