Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daydream Believer

They say you always remember you first "love" and Davy Jones was mine.

I mean what was there not to love?  British, cute, friendly, nice smile, sings, travels the world. I remember rushing home from school to watch The Monkey's and their antics but mostly to sing along and watch Davy. Didn't every little girl think he was singing to them?

To this day every time I hear Daydream Believer it brings a smile to my face as I sing along and remember watching that show with my siblings.

I was saddened to hear that yesterday at the young age of 66 Davy Jones passed away. It seems as if a little bit of my youth has passed too. RIP Davy Jones, thanks for all of the great memories.


  1. OH NO....I did not hear that! I remember running home TOO to watch the Monkeys! Oh dear, only 66? I can't believe he was not that much older than me! Oh, that is too bad..hello sweet friend! Enjoy this cold day my sweet. Anita

  2. How sad he was to young to have passed but he made my childhood and dreams!


  3. I know, how sad, the airways are flooded with Monkeys over here! He was as pretty as a girl in that first picture, a bit of make up and some false lashes and he could have got away with it. I saw him in a car on the motorway one day on my way to London. He was cute!

  4. Davy Jones was definitely THE heart throb of the late sixties, and I too remember my babysitting job in the evenings and watching the Monkees on T.V. I even went with one of my 'girl' friends in her 57 chevy one Saturday afternoon to see if we could get a glimpse of any of the Monkees at Columbia Recording Studios. It was probably 1967. And sure enough, Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith came out of the studio and saw my friend and I standing there and they said 'Later girls!' But, alas Davy Jones was not there!
    Thank you for posting about him. He was an adorable young man!
    Rest In Peace Davy Jones.
    Teresa in California


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