Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Basket Treats...Happy Friday

Hello! Happy Friday! I hope that you had a great week, I am sure that like mine you were busy. Life is like that sometimes. I never did find my Excel spreadsheet and had to start over, my dog was under the weather and had an emergency trip to the vet ( will post about that another day) but I did get my locks highlighted and cut! And am busy planning a few trips...Paris and Scotland are in the works.

 I am excited by the prospect of a weekend planting my pots with some beautiful lavender and geraniums and perhaps some sweet potato vines, and thinking of yummy treats to bake for Easter.

As I was perusing the grocery store the other afternoon and seeing all of the jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and Peeps I was wondering which kind of Easter candy was your favorite?

When you were small and unwrapped the cellophane from your basket and peered into the grass what did you hope to find? Whopper Eggs, jelly beans, Reese's peanut butter eggs, marshmallow eggs, Peeps?

A beautifully wrapped chocolate rabbit or perhaps a marshmallow cream egg?

Or a Cadbury Creame Egg?

Peeps! Chicks or bunnies?

Jelly Beans or speckled eggs?

I hope my friends that you have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your family and friends.

Thank you to my new followers and to my blog supporters, I appreciate your kind comments and your visits!


  1. Elizabeth, yes I am looking forward to Easter. Though I don't make Easter baskets anymore, my children are all grown up! But I love jelly beans and could munch on them all the time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your gardening plans!
    xx Sunday

  2. Elizabeth dear, I just love these colors! My favorites are the Cadbury little ones with a hard shell, and the Creme Eggs...I don't eat those anymore, though, dark chcolate only.
    I hope your little pup will be adorable.
    And you are planning Scotland and Paris!
    I am very excited for you :)
    Happy weekend, sweet friend!
    - Irina

  3. JELLY BEANS FOR ME, ALWAYS!!!!!!!! Oh what great memories, WHAT FABULOUS FEELINGS it brings!

    My dear, I will come via email..your comments are so UPLIFTING TO ME!!! Anita

  4. YES.....I see our dear Irina is here.....PUP OK NOW???? PARIS, SCOTLAND???????????????

    Oh that should heal the pain of loosing that EXCEL SHEET! Oh that is just awful....

  5. Elizabeth, dear, so wonderful to see you "chez moi"!
    Thank you...and I shall look for that book, sounds adorable. Now I will be searching for the pup in his paintings :)!!
    How is little Munchen doing?
    I hope your weekend is relaxing, dear friend, and that you are done with that spread sheet.
    And another YIPPEE for our precious Anita and her magnificent new journey!
    Sending love,
    - Irina
    P.S. Do you like Beethoven, Elizabeth? I am asking for a reason, will let you know soon ;)

  6. You have the best book recommendations...I just wrote this one down,(A. Manette Ansay) thank you! I read up a bit on this author, what a fascinating woman.
    Sweet friend, I so appreciate you getting back to me, just be on the lookout for a little something in your mailbox within the next couple of weeks ;)
    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  7. In my youth, yes, I am a little older than some of your readers...I was always excited for jelly beans and the chocolate, hollow Easter bunny...I always ate the ears first. My adult sons loved Cadbury Creme eggs and one son liked a hollow white Chocolate bunny, while the younger loved dark chocolate.
    Happy Easter, I hope your doggie is okay now.


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