Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ME or should I say Pine Cones and Acorns Blog!

I am so excited because today (or it was when I started writing ) is my One Year Blog Anniversary! Frankly, I cannot believe that I have found the time or the things to write about not only here at Pines Cones and Acorns but also at my other blog Once Upon a Chocolate Life.

I would like to thank all of the people that come to read my musings about life, travels, chocolate, art, and any other things that are on my mind that day.

my pup

my chocolate

my travels

 I have said before that I started reading blogs about 2006 and way back then purchased the book Blogging for Dummies but I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that someone might be interested in reading whatever I wrote, and at that point in time I had not idea what I might write or think of a name.
Finally I got up the nerve to register on Blogger in 2008 and every once in awhile I would go on and change the name of the blog or contemplate what I might write.

 Then I would buy a few more books on how to name your blog, and capture an audience. All the while I was reading and savoring the adventures I took everyday while perusing other blogs. I was in awe that these people could write and photograph such treasures everyday.

Image Pine Cones and Arcrns
In 2011 I guess I reached the tipping point as they say, it was now or never and I was not getting any younger, so I posted my first post. It was simple really,  a photo of a pub in Ireland and a greeting for St. Patricks Day and that is I how I ended up here, one year later.

As they say, "a journey of a thousand steps begins with one." From that one little post my world was changed, and then I then got one follower, Jeanne from Collage of Life.  I am telling you on that day it was as if I had won the lottery. Jeanne is a beautiful lady, both inside and out. Her adventures, her spirit,  her friendship, her four blogs and her comments kept me inspired and nurtured me. I send a big hug to you Jeanne and giant THANK YOU for being my first follower and for being the first person to put me on their blog roll!

From there I met Di at Yonks, as we were both really starting only a month apart it was great to learn and grow together. I was in awe of her wonderful photography, and always felt as if I was going along on her adventures to the auctions. Her friendship and her encouragement kept me plodding along, and also opened my blog world up to so many new people.

It is funny, as I sit here and write I am blessed by the friendship and encouragement of so many wonderful ladies. I feel as if clicking on the "magic" blog rolls of so many admired blogs I found some talented ladies who have become actual friends.

Many of the wonderful people came from Pamela Terry's blog From the House of Edward, if you do not know Pamela you must go and visit. She is the "mother" of Edward a beautiful white dog and her blog and stories transport you around the world, into dreams, celebrating holidays and on many other journeys. Pamela is a beautiful interior designer and writer from the South,  where she lives with Edward and Apple and her husband the Songwriter. Her blog is like stepping into a museum/library/curiosity shoppe. She "knows" everyone in blog land is a continual source of amusement and inspiration.

From Pamela's blog roll, I me the unbelievably talented, and beautiful lady,  Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages. When you visit Castles Crowns and Cottages it is like stepping into an enchanted dream. Anita's writing, art and her beautiful spirit have taken me to such amazing places. In each post her words, music and images transport you, and give you a few minutes of bliss and beauty. They take you away from the mundane tasks of life and bring joy. Anita has become a wonderful friend to me outside of our blogs, and she has "introduced me to two other beautiful souls. Irina at Witty and Wise and Suzanne at Privet and Holly, the written word to these two ladies is like magic, their talent and kindness knows no bounds. I promise if you like great writing, and wonderful people these blogs are for you.

My diverse reading habits have also introduced me to Debra  of Acquired Objects; Debra's knowledge, and blog friendship is inspiring. I love learning about tapestry, textiles, fabrics, trim of course following along as she built her beautiful barn studio. If you are interested in antique textiles you must visit Debra, her knowledge and stock is mind boggeling and it is as if you are stepping back in time when you see her beautiful items.

Speaking of building,  I cannot recall how I found Tina at The Enchanted Home but when I set eyes on the building of her dream home I was hooked. Tina has been building for the last four years what looks like an English manor or perhaps a "cottage" the likes of which the Vanderbilt's, the Astor's and the Carnegie's built out in Newport, Rhode Island. The house and the craftsmanship are unforgettable, from the Limestone entrance, to the parquet floors, to the mantles from France and the wire fronted cabinets from England, each design item is carefully thought out and it makes for a stunning home. What is most notable, is Tina herself, she is kind, funny, honest and a wonderful friend, we share a great love for Ralph Lauren, red licorice, and Swedish fish, not to mention great design and now a fabulous online store!

Pamela's diverse blog roll also lead me to friends of the furry kind. Through her I met Hamish the Westie and I followed along on his adventures in the Scottish Highlands until he suddenly passed away. I have to tell you that I sobbed when I read that. I felt as if I lost a member of my own family. Hamish has gone on to a better place and his owner Gail, acquired a rambunctious little pup called, Bertie at Bouncing Bertie. The other furry friend that I follow religiously is Wilf the Pon. Wilf and his brother Digby (who also passed away) have moved from Scotland, to Umbria to France and their owners highlight life in an old farmhouse in the south of France. Angus and "the font" keep readers abreast of Wilfs time left here on earth, he has cancer, diabetes's, is blind and maybe deaf but his zest for life is contagious, not to mention that Angus is such a beautiful and philosophical writer.

Image Angus from Wilf the Pon

Before I write War and Peace let me just say this, on any given day I can sit at my computer and be transported to the deck of a sailboat in Cardiff, Wales with my friend Di, walk along the streets in England and in the future Vietnam with Jeanne, go onto trips to other worlds with Irina, Anita and Suzanne, learn about beautiful textiles with Debra, build and decorate an English country Manor house with my dear friend Tina, learn about fabulous gardens and the Bloomsbury Group with Sunday Taylor, all the while sipping my favorite hot chocolate.

I am in awe of their talent and continue to be surprised at the wonderful blog and fonts of knowledge that I have discovered this year.

Thank you for coming to visit me and for inspiring me on a daily basis. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

All images my own, except the blog headers from their respective blogs.


  1. Dearest Elizabeth, CONGRATULATIONS once again, sweet friend! I am misty eyed and so touched reading this beautiful post full of love! I'm so blessed to know you, and to read your WONDERFUL and fascinating blogs. Your wisdom, kindness, intelligence, and taste are inspirational and educational. You are a true Renaissance woman with a heart of gold, and a sparkling soul.
    A toast to you, talented and beautiful friend!!
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  2. Elizabeth! Happy Anniversary and well done you! It has been an absolute pleasure following you along this past year. I am delighted to call you one of my dearest BB.. Blogging Buddies. I feel like we have travelled wide and far together, especially after your recent drive home. :) It is lovely to think that it is only the beginning. Here is to many more posts..travelling, reading, eating, shopping and dreaming together. I for one am thrilled to be in such talented company. I know many of fine bloggers, they are the best! I am excited to go off and meet a few more. Thank you for your kindness and generosity Elizabeth. You are a shining star...make that a double dipped chocolate coated with fairy sprinkles on top kind of star!
    Best wishes Elizabeth!!
    Jeanne xxx

  3. Happy bloggy birthday dear friend. I am the lucky one to have found you. Your generosity of spirit is immense and we are all the better for knowing you. You make us sound good whilst humbling your own endless talents. I dream one day of tasting one of your chocolate miracles, over a cuppa and girlie chat. Until that dream comes true, have a wonderful Sunday and treat your blog to some flowers!
    Much love

  4. You're hired to be my new PR person Elizabeth, thank you! Happy Blog-a-versary to you! It's always exciting when you hit the one year mark and I can't believe my two year mark is coming up soon. I would have never thought I had that much to say. Here's to many more years to us both!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  5. Dearest Elizabeth,

    What can I say? As I read this, I TOO KNOW the joy that the last four years of blogging has brought to me. The creativity that flows from each of us, in our own ways, is a spark of energy that I simply cannot live without. YOU HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO ME and I can only HOPE that my kindnesses will be returned to you...whenever I look at my platter, wear my scarf (the cocoa you know, was inhaled long ago!), I think of MY ELIZABETH. THANK YOU OVER AND OVER for including me in this lovely tribute to all of these ladies. Now I am curious about this little WESTIE! I too have a favorite DOGBLOGGER: GEORGE THE LAD and his new sister TESS! Oh the possibilities out there and when we meet each other, it is for that very purpose that we blog: TO CONNECT on a deeper level through the expression of our worlds.


  6. WOW Elizabeth what an incredible post and tribute to a fabulous list of ladies (and I am so honored to be included amongst them)! I am happy to have met YOU in the process.....and consider you a friend. A big congratulations to you on your one year of blogging success..may you continue on with many more interesting tidbits and random musings about all the things in life that you love, I always enjoy hearing about them!
    I really feel as in real life, birds of a feather flock together and I believe we each somehow seek out those that we are most alike and I am grateful to consider a very special group of women my friends (you included of course) and can only hope that one day we will all find a mutually convenient place to meet up and laugh, share and celebrate the gift that blogging has brought to each of our lives. The connections we make I believe change us and have a profound effect on how we live and view our lives. I am very grateful for that!
    Now I am going to go pay a visit to a few of the blogs up there that I am not familiar with many great ones!!
    Thank you Elizabeth and Happy Anniversary!
    XO Tina

  7. Hi Elizabeth! What a great blog post on your one year anniversary. This post shows why your blog is so appealing. You are generous, caring, enthusiastic, curious, and inspiring. Those qualities come out in your blog. You take us all along on your journey to find beauty in the every day, and you get us there. I love your story of how you got started blogging. What a terrific first post that was! I really related to what you said. The beginning was a little scary for me also. And you have really done well, your voice is authentic and warm and your blog is a great reflection of your lovely personality. There is a feeling to Pine Cones and Acorns that make me think we could almost be chatting in person over hot chocolate and cupcakes. Thank you for being such a good friend to me and I really loved being "tagged" by you and enjoyed answering your questions. I look forward to continuing our "conversation" Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing your lovely self with all of us.
    xx Sunday


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