Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday and a few St.Patrick's Day Ideas

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Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I am so excited it is Friday, I feel as if I never got into my groove this week, I was always running behind. So  this weekend, I can regroup and start again on Monday.

Are you getting yourself ready for a few green beers and some corned beef and cabbage? Do you have plans for St. Patricks Day. I am Irish but I do not have any real plans to run out to celebrate. I will be making some tasty Irish Soda Bread, and hopefully some Colcannon if I can persuade my husband that potatoes and cabbage are better than corned beef.

As I will not be celebrating while walking the beautiful green hills of Ireland, I did peruse Pinterest and Food Gawker to find some great ideas for whipping up a St. Patricks Day feast. If you have followed my blog for even a little while you know that my taste runs toward desserts and sugar so before we get to the savory dishes lets get to the "main course", after all isn't there a dessert first?

Create live blog

Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcakes

You could celebrate with any one of these recipes. The Guinness cupcakes from Create Live blog are so EASY, a boxed cake mix and a 12 oz Guinness beer. Can it get any easier?

Or you could make the Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcakes I made fa few weeks ago, they are delicious. Or perhaps a Grasshopper Cake or some sugar Cookies?

Grasshopper Cake

Sugar Cookies

If you are thinking more along the lines of traditionalIrish food than perhaps an Irish Stew and some
Irish Soda Bread, this looks like a great recipe from Radmegan?

Irish Soda Bread

Just a Pinch Blog

Or what about something different but also traditional Irish food, col cannon? It is basically mashed potatoes with the cabbage, lots of butter and ham thrown in the same pot. I have never made this dish but I want to try it this weekend. Of course there is always corned beef and cabbage or a Reuben sandwich.

Colcannon, Image Food Network

And to drink, instead of Guinness Beer (sacrilegious I am sure) what about a Honey-Dew, Cucumber, Mint Mojito from the fabulous blog Thyme?

I am sure that there are many, many more recipes but these are a few that I would make myself. What will you be making for St. Patrick's Day? I would love to hear some of you favorite recipes.

On a side note this weekend is my one year blog anniversary. I cannot believe that I had that much to say, OK wait I take that back, I always have lots to say once I know you, what I mean is, I cannot believe that I could write posts for a year.

Have a happy Friday, a happy Weekend, and a happy St. Patrick's Day! Be safe on the road there are always lots of people that party too hard.


  1. Congrats on one year Elizabeth! If this doesn't put one in the mood for St. Patricks day dont' know what will! We are invited out to Montauk for the weekend, and theres a big parade out there, not sure if we are going....would also be perfectly content to stay home and do
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Top o' the morning
    to you, sweet Elizabeth!
    Thanks for all of the
    green inspiration. My
    father in law's b-day is
    today and my mother in
    law's is in a week, so we
    are taking them out to
    celebrate tomorrow night.
    May be some Irish fare in
    the evening! Congrats on
    your one-year blogiversary.
    You are such a special
    addition to the Blogosphere!

    Happy Weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  3. Happy Anniversary Elizabeth, your blog is one I just love reading, your ideas are superb and so inspiring.
    We're an Anglo-Irish family, so always have a ball at St Patrick's day. My little girl took my leprechaun trap rainbow cake into school today, when I dropped her off for breakfast, the dinning room was adorned with shamrocks and there was a special lunchtime recipe for St Patruck's day.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to another year of delightful posts.
    Jude x

  4. I would like to put up my feet and say "keep those mojitos coming"! I will however be recovering from my Mother's Day feast I blogged about today. Our Mother's Day in the UK is this Sunday but I had an early treat. Wales play France tomorrow in the final of the Six Nations Cup so I will no doubt be screaming at the telly again!

    Have a spiffing good weekend my dear frient.
    Much Love

  5. My darling friend,

    Thank you for visiting last night! I AM SO BEHIND IN VISITING EVERYONE; yesterday morning, I was unable to attempt my usual morning routine of visiting new posts because I woke up TOO LATE!!!!!!! Now I am trying to catch up AND post a new post with WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!!!

    What a gorgeous post here. Next to aqua, GREEN is my favorite color, especially the EMERALD green of the highlands and beautiful scenery of your beloved Ireland and Scotland. I must hit England one day and then hop on over to this land of beauty.

    HOW ARE YOU? CATCHING UP ?????? I have so much to catch up with today!


  6. Dear, wonderful friend! Looks like it's a St. Patty's party with the girls! :) I am so glad you came by my place, Elizabeth. I normally have a few hours devoted to visiting everyone, but not this past week, so I have missed you...I was also planning on doing my tagged post (finally), but again was lacking computer time.
    Congratulations on a year of posting...HOORAY!! You are so special, and you have one of the most interesting and DELICIOUS blogs out there. I am so grateful that I know you.
    Did you have a lovely day today? We had some grilled turkey rubens, do they count? ;)
    By the way, I tried catching up to some of your earlier posts, and I too LOVED Hugo. Just fantastic. My daughter is a big fan of the book, and the film did not disappoint.
    Wishing you a splendid Sunday, ma chere amie!!
    - Irina

  7. We didn't have corned beef but we did enjoy some sticky toffee date cake with caramel for dessert after our roasted chicken...your post made me hungry.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party


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