Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is here! Birds, Flowers, and Gardens

Image Katie Daisy

According to news reports Spring has arrived in many parts of the country and the ants, lady bugs and flowers are taking over in full force.

 I do not know about your neck of the woods but mine is still a little cool, in fact we are having below normal temperatures but the jasmine, daffodils and many other flowers are already out.

Seeing the plethora of flowers everywhere lately reminds me of the fabulous flowers one always find in Europe. These are just a few of the flowers that I saw on my last trip to Paris, and I personally have never seen arrangements of flowers in the States like the ones you find all over Paris. What do you think?

Do you have a favorite place to buy flowers? Do you have a green thumb? Are you currently placing your order for seeds to begin the early plantings?

I love to plant flowers in containers, but I am really into low maintenance flowers and ones that can stand up to the heat of the South.

How is Spring coming along in your area? Tell me, what do the colors of your Spring look like?

I would love to hear all about your planting adventures, your gardens and of course some tips for pruning and planting. If you are interested in reading more about beautiful gardens, my blog friends, Jeanne at Collage of Life and Sunday at Ciao Domenica have written some wonderful posts lately on gardening books, garden tours and of gardens both here and abroad.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. We do have an abundance of flower shops in the UK with wonderful displays, I love it. I know your clocks went forward in the US on the weekend. We don't do ours for another 2 weeks yet but it is now light until around 6 pm. I am looking forward to the longer evening light :-)
    Have a great week Elizabeth.

  2. We have a great flower shop in our tiny town but nothing like Paris. No shop will ever be like in Paris. Our daffodils are about two inches out of the ground but it's early yet for up north. There is nothing like flowers and giving them really brightens others days.


  3. Well...am hoping to get a small garden started. Nothing like picking your own freshly grown goods from a garden! And of course I love to buy lots of flowers for the house in the spring, open up those windows and breathe in the fresh air....ahhhhh!

  4. We have some wonderful flower shops here in Richmond, and the truly inspiring Petersham Nurseries, is just minutes away from my house. I'm not myself a great gardener, I have a few geraniums and herbs in pots. We also have a drought here in south east England, which means hose pipe bans!
    I'm so glad you like the tea towels, it sounds like your settling back home quickly and happily.
    Best Wishes Jude x

  5. Elizabeth, I just got back from San Francisco and they have some lovely flower shops. Maybe because it is such a walking city, like Paris, you notice them more. Isn't it wonderful to think about spring...We just cut back the roses and mulched so the blooms should be pretty good this year. Garden tours are coming up here in Los Angeles and I just decided I am going on a Garden Conservancy tour in New Jersey in the fall. Can't wait!
    Thanks so much for linking to me!
    xx Sunday

  6. GOOD EVENING dear friend!

    Oh we had such a glorious day today! Unbelievably warm for this time of year, but I did spend the entire day in my basement,since waking up, working on Etsy orders! I missed visiting everyone this morning. I see cardinals flying about and the bunnies are back in the garden, eating my trees!!!!!!!!

    HAVE FUN! Anita

  7. It's been spring-like here in Southern California. We have some pretty good sources for great flowers but they are wholesale and you have to buy such large bunches when you guy. I usually pick up fresh flowers at Trader Joe's and supplement with roses from my yard. I love to garden but we have pleasant weather and its not usually too terribly warm.
    Karen at Garden Home and Party


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