Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome Monday! Spring Break Ideas

Welcome Monday!!! I had to say it with a little enthusiasm because I feel like I am dragging today, I think it's the weather,  It is hot, hot hot, than cold, cold , cold! Is is Spring? Summer? Who knows?

I do know that my many of my friends and family are on Spring Break, doesn't that sound fun? Are you on Spring break? If so are you going anywhere fun? I am not on Spring Break myself but it did get my mind racing, if I was where would I like to be? What sort of adventure would I like to go on?

Would I be at a resort and relaxing at the pool?

Or would I be in the city?

Taking in a few shows?

Taking a trip to Paris?

Or would I just stay home and tackle a few projects? I am not too sure which sounds the best, perhaps a combination?

Do tell what are you up to this week? If you are relaxing on the beach with a pile of books and magazines and a box of bon bons tell us so that we can feel as if we are there with you! If you are walking along the Seine in Paris after sipping a chocolat chaud and snacking on a few macaroons I definitely want to hear about that. And of course if you are at home working as I am I want to hear about that too?

I hope that you have a fabulous week!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    The city for us whenever we have spare time and whatever country we find ourselves in. We are toying with the idea of visiting Krakow......

  2. If I could take a break right now I would go to Rome or maybe somewhere in Sicily. But I will be at work and at home all week. So I will just daydream.

  3. We are cleaning the green gunk off our boat decks which winter has kindly left for us. I am keeping a watchful eye on John to make sure he doesn't overdo it. He thinks he's 22!

  4. Not yet Spring break for us, dear friend, but how fun to dream! I wish I could say I'm writing from Paris and picking up a jar of chocolat chaud for you ;) This would be my destination of choice...April in Paris bien sur!
    Our weather is crazy as well...after a couple of summery weeks, it is so windy and cold today. I'm feeling for all of the flowers and fresh green leaves...
    Stay cozy, sweet Elizabeth..
    Much love,
    - Irina

  5. Hi Elizabeth, this week I am getting ready for our Spring Break. It starts next week, two weeks in Vietnam and then later in the month, a few days in Paris. Personally, I taking the whole month of April as Spring Break, the kids get 2-3 weeks. Hope you have a fabulous week and thanks again for your comment today, it made me smile. I left you a comment on the post. :) xx


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