Monday, April 2, 2012

Blogger Business: The Enchanted Home and Oreillers

Hello! Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend? I worked on a few of my planters, pulling out the dead plants from last year and planning for the new lavender, geraniums and other things I am planting this year. I also spent some time perusing the many blogs that I follow.

I love blogs that is no secret, I have been reading them for a long time and one of the things I love the most is seeings bloggers talk about their passions which often times is their business.  For some bloggers it is their writing, their art or their photography, for others it is their design businesses, or their stores, antiques, textiles and favorite finds.

In the last few weeks Tina from The Enchanted Home finished her dream home and opened an online shop that features many of her favorite finds, items that she sourced for her own home..."timeless, elegant and classic accessories."

Her store features linens, pillows, silver, lighting, porcelain, planters and more! If you would like a touch of timeless elegance in your decor go over HERE and take a look at The Enchanted Home Store.

 To wet your appetite here are a few things from Tina's store!





 What do you think? All beautiful treasures that I am sure would be great to have, my favorites are the pillows and the candles.

And I know that a lot of you are familiar with Debra from Acquired Objects, but are you familiar with her day job? Debra is a former interior designer and now an antique textile dealer and I have to tell you that you must go to her web page Oreillers  ( French for pillows) and take a look! Her site showcases some of the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen in my life. Her specialty is textiles from the 15th -18th Century,  from France, Germany, England, Italy, and many more countries. There are tapestries from Aubusson, and fabric from Fortuny's.

18th Century Flemish Tapestry
18th Century Venetian Silk

350 year old French tapestry pillows!

18th Century French Coverlet

 The coverlet above is one of my favorite piece! Can you imagine this on a beautiful canopy bed, in the style of the one Marie Antoinette slept in at Versailles?

Rare early 18th century French or English Infant’s
brocaded gown (back).

In addition to the fabric pillows that Debra makes she also features one of a kind items, of which I have only seen the likes in museums. Like this child's gown (above) or this pair of needlework pictures from 1620 and 1630, and that is not a typo.

Debra's web page is amazing, I learned so many interesting facts about the fabrics and their history and frankly I would love to learn more. I am in awe of her "eye", her knowledge and her talent. If you would like to be the caretaker of a piece of history, a pillow for your bed, or a piece of  beautiful needlework go over to Oreillers today.

As I said, there are so many bloggers that share their talent on a daily basis, and these are just two of a few that I am going to feature in the next few days. There are an estimated 125 million blogs out there can you imagine the wealth of knowledge, original art, pieces of history and treasures that are waiting for us to discover them?

Do you have a favorite blogger store? I would love to learn more about it if you want to share it.

I hope you have a great day! Enjoy your week.

All images above are from The Enchanted Home Store and Aquired Objects, Oreillers.


  1. A fantastic post Elizabeth, introducing us to such wonderful talents. I am familiar with Tina from Enchanted Home and I love her shop. I hadn't heard of Oreillers, off to take a peek now. You are such a wonderfully blogger with a great philanthropic attitude.

    Have a wonderful week dear friend. We are both well, John is fine, thanks for caring.

  2. GOOD MORNING MY FRIEND! THis is my first day of spring break and I am ready for some quiet! I LOVE TINA and her blog. Her dream home has served as a source of inspiration and what I love the most is HER. She is so generous with her time to come to visit us all, and most of all, her kindness just beams out. I do not know Debra, but seeing fellow bloggers follow their passions has been the driving force to help me realize my goals.

    That child's brocade outfit is just FASCINATING!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY! Anita

  3. Thank you Elizabeth! You're hired as my PR person. I'm smiling, I was very surprised to be going through my blogroll and see Oreillers. Dang I wish I had known your were going to do this because the really old stuff isn't listed on my website...price don't want to freak people out. I have 14th and 15th century items that would make you flip. Ok I smell a Thank you again and oh, I bought those olive trays from Tina and excited to receive them.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  4. This is so typically
    kind of you, Elizabeth!
    I love Tina and it sounds
    like I would love Debra,
    too! You are right, all
    blogs revolve around
    some type of passion.
    For me, it is writing and
    feeling that my emotions
    resonate with others. Thanks
    for your beautiful posts!

    xx Suzanne

  5. OMG this is just the kindest post!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Elizabeth! You picked some of my personal favorites from my shop and of course I too am a huge fan of Debra's magnificent offerings, such treasures from the past that they are. Thank you thank you thank you...this means more than you can possibly know.

  6. Wow I am soooo humbled by picked so many of my most favorite things from my shop, we do think alike. I cannot tell you how much this means. Thank you Elizabeth! And of course I don't need to tell you how much I also adore all of Debras magnificent treasures from the past....such beauties, impossible to pick a favorite! Thank for this wonderful post. So sorry I missed it the day it came out! Have a wonderful day.


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