Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blue and White TransferWare Finds

Hello! How is your week? Are you sick of eating Easter candy yet? I boxed all of mine up and gave it away, it really was for the best, otherwise I would have eaten too many Peeps and Reese's peanut butter eggs. OK I would have eaten them all, it is like they call out from the pantry for me and truth be told, I am weak and I answer the siren song. Now they only left is the Quaker Oat Squares.

I think I mentioned before that I really like Transferware, and that I managed to find a huge set of it last July while I was in Milwaukee. I brought it home in February  and we are happily eating off of it everyday. 

The only down side, is that it is blue and white, not that I do not like it, I do. But I really wanted a black and white set or a full set of brown.

Since my original purchase, I have purchased all of this and more. I think I have Transferware-itis. I simply cannot get enough, I see it everywhere and I love all of the great pattens.

Are you a fan? If so, do check out Nancy's Daily Dish, she has the largest selection I  have ever seen and she sets a beautiful table with all of her various sets an lots of colors.

Do you have a collection of Transferware? Or are you a collector of another kind of dishes?

If you would like more information on transferware as well as some beautiful images of it used in decorating the home , visit The Transferware Blog or visit Martha Stewart.

Thank you also for the suggestions about my carved mold which I posted on yesterday. I still do not know what it is but I will keep looking.

Have a great day! I know I will, as I have  a friend visitiog this week, lots of shopping, eating, baking and talking.

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  1. Good morning, beautiful!

    These are LOVELY pieces and are wonderful bits of the history of where you got them, I am sure. I have always LOVED antiques for their patina, but as I become more of an ANTIQUE myself, I am realizing that antiques, like PEOPLE, have a wonderful history that can never be repeated again...only ONCE! So antiques are a great treasure to find, to embrace and to wonder...."To whom did this belong? What did it mean to them?" I wonder what I will have meant to my students.....

    Have a wonderful day my dearest! Anita

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Wow you scored big it all. And yes you know how I love transferware and especially the blue and white, such a classic. Don't you think everything looks better and tastier being served on a blue and white dish!
    Nancys site is full of beautiful inspiration. Congrats on your beautiful loot!

  3. Hello Dear Elizabeth!

    Thank you so much for coming by...I did have a relaxing weekend with my little family.
    It sounds like you are about to have a wonderful time!Have fun, my dear...what a treat to spend a few days with a treasured friend.

    That Easter candy...can you believe, I only bought my daughter a couple of treats, but nothing for the house. I know myself too well..ha!!!
    So let's add transfer ware-holic to chocoholic, because I am both of these!!!
    Your transfer ware is gorgeous, and I have a few pieces of that floral Johnson&Bros. on the bottom of your last photo. I am always looking at the "Replacements" website in hopes of completing the set. Our local consignment shop is selling an entire set of the Johnson brown, tinted with a bit of color. They are lovely...a bit too steep for me, but perhaps they will be marked down.I can be on the lookout for you, just let me know.
    Enjoy, these are such beautiful pieces!
    And have a fantastic time with your dear friend!
    Sending love,
    - Irina

  4. I am such a fan and my biggest problem in collecting transferware is that I love the blue and white, black and white and brown and white all equally. I did buy Audun by Villeroy and Boch so that I could have a complete set of black and white, but that hasn't stopped me from searching for more of the other colors. I do enjoy visiting Nancy's Daily Dish and I feel her prices are pretty good. In truth, I try not to look at any of it anymore because I am running out of room! :-) Brown and white transferware looks so amazing on tables and walls. Keep us posted on your finds.

  5. I just love blue and white china. I really must start searching out more both in England and France. I'm so glad to hear your enjoying using your transfer ware.
    With a five year old around there wasn't too much chocolate left, but I did have to be quite firm in removing the Easter Gingerbread House.
    I'm making my first batch of strawberry jam tomorrow, as I found some local Breton strawberries today, I do so love the seasons, don't you.
    Jude x

  6. Lovely pieces. I like the blue and white.

  7. I LOVE transferware and YES I do have lots and lots of it! BUT somehow "There is ALWAYS ROOM for more"! I LOVE mixing and matching it. SO MUCH FUN!
    You have a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful week,

  8. Love blue and white transferware!!
    One of my blog posts if you want to take a look:

    Greetings from Australia♥

  9. When we lived in Germany these blue and white plates were sold everywhere and I bought them to use daily. Now I have them on a plate rail over my kitchen cupboards down both side of my galley kitchen I love them. We even modified our over the kitchen table fan into a chandelier with blue and white cups and saucers with the light bulbs coming up from them.


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