Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday! Friends, Flowers, Food and Fun

Hello! I hope you had a great week! I have been having the best week, my friend is visiting and we are having a girls week. We have been walking the beaches, visiting historical houses, talking ( we keep asking ourselves how it can be 1:00 am before we go to bed) and of course eating lots of yummy desserts!

Here is a snapshot our week.

Enjoying the new plantings while visiting with one another in the morning over a cup of tea.

Enjoying a scrumptious dessert after a wonderful dinner.

I love Banoffee! Whipped cream, bananas and caramel! Yummy.
Who doesn't love a cocoa before bed on a chilly April night?

And of course company before dinner while enjoying the afternoon sun.

Enjoy your weekend! I am going to a flea market and a book sale. Neither of which I need any more treasures from.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU to Billie for letting me know what my mold is. I will tell you more on another day after I try to find a few more examples and information.

And thank you to the talented ladies At the Picket Fence for featuring my Fabulous Carrot Cake today.  If you are a carrot cake lover than you must try this recipe. I am a connoisseur of carrot cake and hands down this is the best recipe.

Take care and enjoy!


  1. Oh Elizabeth!

    HOW FUN TO HAVE YOUR CHUM with you to peruse the gardens, the beaches, to eat what you want, and to just soak in all of April!

    I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!! But that is NOT going to happen!!!

    Have a blast my dear....Anita

  2. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful week Elizabeth. I am definitely going to try your carrot cake this weekend. It's my husbands favorite dessert and I've been looking for a great recipe so wish me luck!


  3. Oh, it's a party with my favorite people!
    Hee, I love the piggy picture, dear friend..
    What absolute fun to have this special time with your friend!
    Enjoy!! Give that sweet pup of yours a little kiss on the nose for me ;)
    Sending love,
    - Irina

  4. How fun to spend a weekend with a good friend! Love all your plans and the great foods you are enjoying. I want to make that carrot cake!


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