Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marshmallow Peeps! I Love them!

Marshmallow Peeps are a staple of Easter baskets, even if you are not a fan you have to admit they are kind of cute. Peeps were invented by Sam Born. Sam was a Russian who moved to the United States from France in 1910. While in France, he learned the fine art of making chocolate.  In 1917, Born opened a candy shop in New York and everyday, when he made a new batch of chocolates he would place a  sign in his window, "Just Born." This was to tell his customers the chocolates were ready and it is also how his company got its name.

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

The Just Born Company moved to Pennsylvania in 1932 and continued making fine chocolates. Then in 1953,  Sam  decided to purchased the The Rodda Candy Company that was famous for jelly beans and a little marshmallow chick. They made each chick by squeezing marshmallow out of a pastry tube then coated it in sugar and hand painted each eye and nose. In 1954, Bob Born (son of founder, Sam Born) invented a machine to make the chicks faster. Just Born became the biggest marshmallow candy company in the world.

Each Easter season 700 million peeps are consumed!

Image from Pine Cones and Acorns

 Just in case you wanted to experiment with your Peeps this year, I have compiled a few recipes and links, you can make Peep cupcakes, Peep S'mores, Peep Martinis, Peep Sushi and so much more on my Holidays Pinterest BoardAnd if you are really feeling adventurous you can even make homemade Peeps.

 What do you think about this, a Peep Mobile for its legions of fans (currently touring the Midwest). And if that is not enough you can see the movie, Power of the Peep.

I love Peeps, but only right out of the package and fresh, I know many will disagree and say that they must be a little stale but I do not like them like that.

However you enjoy them I hope that you have a wonderful day! And as always I would love to know if you make any of the above recipes.



    I am not a Peep fan, but they are iconic and to just learn how they were BORN, is a delight and history of something we just take for granted. Seeing how creative people can be when there is a demand is WONDERFUL! AND do you know that for relaxation time in the evening, we have RESTARTED watching Downton Abby? WE CANNOT GET ENOUGH!!!

    Happy day! Anita

  2. The peeps are cute but I have to be honest I can't stand them taste wise. But they do say Happy Easter!

    I hope you're enjoying your week!


  3. I have never heard of a peep. We don't have peeps in the Uk yet, I'm sure they will come.
    Happy Eostre.


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