Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baking, Books and a White Bathroom Project

I never did find my post from yesterday, nor could I find the sources, then I got busy with work and decided to start over.

My weekend was great! I had a huge list of things I wanted to do and I managed to do a lot of them.

The weather here has been crazy, 80's then 39, then 79 then cold, rainy and 49, needless to say I did not get to do my planting that I was supposed to get done this weekend.

 So left to my own devices while my husband was doing other things I was a baking fiend, I made Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Banana Bread, triple chocolate cheese cake, sugar cookies ( all delivered to friends)  and of course I tried a few grilled cheese sandwich combinations. I do not know if I can win the Grilled Cheese Contest but I liked them.

In addition to all of my baking I am gathering inspiration images for our bathroom remodel. We have a nice master bathroom, we just do not like the tub. The bathtub is huge, I think a small child could swim in it and it takes an hour to fill. Consequently, we have not ever used it in six years. So what is going to be replacing a tub with a free standing model could turn out to be a can of worms. We are still in the infancy stage so I will keep you posted. In the meantime here are a few of my inspiration images.

For the Love of a House Blog

Can you tell that I REALLY like this tub? Every image I liked has this tub in it.

Image here

Image Here

Image Here

I also had some time to do a little reading. I did manage to read two books this weekend. I tell you all about them later this week, one was about Versailles and the other about Virginia Wolf.

I hope you have a fabulous week! And I hope that you try out my Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Banana Bread. If you tried the pancakes do let me know how you liked them!

One last thing, thank you to my new followers! I am so excited to welcome you. I hope that you enjoy my ramblings on recipes, art, travel, and life and whatever else pops into my life.


  1. Good morning sweet friend!

    I would LOVE to see photos of your bathroom in progress! You should have seen the work done on ours. This summer, I hope to give another tour of our home and I will TRY to get decent pictures!

    Our weather has also been crazy. Hot then cold! Tonight we are supposed to have SEVERE weather, so as soon as school is out, our normal Tuesday staff meeting has been cancelled so we can get home safely! THINK OF ME! LOVE to you my friend, Anita

  2. That bread looks heavenly! Lucky friends to get a delivery:)
    Love the bathroom inspiration too....at least you are consistent, thats a good thing! We are having the same crazy weather, seriously dont' know how to dress any more and I go from putting on the AC to the heater...strange!!
    Today its pouring cats and dogs...which I love IF I was lucky enough to be inside all day, which I am not! In any case, hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Elizabeth, your delicious delights look mouthwatering! How about trying a grilled cheese bacon and peanut butter sandwich. In the right amounts this combo would taste sinfully good - yum!

    Have a great week my dearest!

  4. The tubs you like are all claw foot tubs with a simple base around them. We have an antique claw footed tub and I've been looking at the bases that you can buy separately. We're going to be doing a master bath remodel too maybe this summer so I've been scoping ideas as well. OOur bathroom is a total gut job so I want to get it right the first time. Sounds like you had a nice weekend and I hope you have an even better week!


  5. Elizabeth, I have
    always wanted a
    free standing tub,
    so I am cheering
    you on from the
    sidelines!! Sounds
    like you had a perfect
    weekend....baking and
    books and being
    cozy is always the

    Happy Tuesday,
    xx Suzanne

  6. Hello dear friend! I am catching up...I love free-standing tubs...wish I had one :)
    So fun to plan the remodels!

    And the baking...wow! Mouth-watering as always.
    We are on the same wavelength, I am reading Virgina Woolf's "Night and Day"...have you read that one?
    On to your next post..


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