Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hermes Celebrates 175 Years of Craftsmanship with Leather Forever Show

Hermes, the iconic luxury leather goods firm is celebrating 175 years with the show Leather Forever opening May 8th-27th, 2012 in London.  On display will be items celebrating its beginnings as a saddle and harness maker to the aristocrats of Paris to its evolution as the creator of small leather goods in the 20 and 30's, to perfume to silk scarfs and everything in between.

Image Vogue

Image Vogue

In addition to the leather goods will be artisans that will be displaying in real time, the effort, craftsmanship and pride that goes into creating one of the iconic bags.  

Image Vogue

Image Vogue

These bags are true works of art, each bag is hand made and hand stitched using the saddle stitch. One Birkin bag, which is my personal favorite, is said to take forty-eight hours to make!
The Kelly Bag

I know that many people think these bags are over priced and perhaps will never own one but that does not mean that one cannot appreciate the history and evolution of a truly iconic brand (or dream of one). One hundred and seventy five years of unfailing and uncompromising craftsmanship you have to applaud that, especially in this day and age.

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IMAGE HERE Love this bag!

And if you cannot attend the show, which I am sure will be as hard to get into as getting one of these famous bags, you can bid on one of these one of a kind bags below.

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On May 14th - May 31st Christies will hold an online auction for the four one of a kind Passe Guide bags, which celebrate Hermes love of the equestrian world and represent Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. You can find out more about the auction and the individual bags here. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Royal Academy of Art. Do go over to the link and watch the video of the making of these bags, it is fascinating! They are completely hand made and the attention to detail is astounding.

Exhibiting at, 6 Burlington Gardens, London W1. 8th May – 27th May 2012, Monday to Sunday 10 am until 6 pm and on Fridays until 10pm. Entrance is free

I hope you have a great day and that you pop over to take a look at the making of one of these bags it really is something to see.

Thank you also to my new followers, I am so excited to reach 100. Thank you always for your kind comments and to those of you who put me on your blog roll!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Congratulations on 100 followers.

    I'm going up to Town next week, I need to stock up with tea from Fortnum's & macarons from Laduree, which is conveniently in the Burlington Arcade, so I'll pop along to Burlington Gardens to see the exhibition. I'll let you know how it is.

    Like you I'm a Hermes fan, I just wish I could stretch to a bag, but with three children I never have enough spare money!
    I do have a few lovely scarves and bangles though!

  2. Oh how I love these bags and REAL LEATHER!!! HELLO THERE BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  3. They have such gorgeous handbags and wish I could own them all but I've only purchased one and it was a refurbished one but it's better then nothing.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a Birkin....not much!

  5. Congratulations one 100 followers, dear friend!!!

    I love Hermes...the gold standard of handbags.


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