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Mother's Day Gifts from Blogger Stores: Parisienne Farmgirl, Yonks, Castles, Crowns, Cottages, The Enchanted Home, Velvet & Linen, etc.

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
 ~Agatha Christie

Besides a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a wonderful meal there are a lot of options for a gift for mom, and even better if the gift comes from a fellow blogger store. I am a HUGE fan of all of these bloggers and I love their treasures even more.

You could visit Angela at the Parisienne Farm Girl and order her new magazine filled with beautiful photographs, and stories about fashion, travel, food and interiors.

 For Mother's Day there is a two for one sale, so you could purchase a subscription for your mom and one for yourself! Click Here to go to the direct link. If you are lucky enough to live in the Midwest be sure to follow Parisienne Farmgirl and her Mother Joy, at Savvy City Farmer where you can even buy treasures galore including French macaroons made by Angela.

Several of my daily reads are about Paris and I never tire of seeing what they are up too. Nichole at Little Brown Pen just released her first book, Paris in Color. If you like Paris you must see this book, it is filled to the brim with spectacular images of Paris. I think it may be my new favorite book on Paris.

Vicki Archer the talented writer and blogger at French Essence has just updated her blog and now has a place where you can purchase her books online, as well as her favorite items from France.

 If you love not just Paris, but Provence than you should check out Vicki's books they are beautifully written and the photographed.  While you are visiting Vicki's new blog do not forget to register for her give away.

If French brocante is more along the lines of what you were thinking for mom than go visit, Sharon at My French Country Brocante, she is the author of the blog, My French Country Home detailing her life and home in the Normandy countryside. If you visit this region you can even reserve Sharon's guest cottage as well as go on one of her brocante tours.

I love Sharon's"loot shoot" each time she returns from a trip, these are my favorite items that she found recently.

Shirley, from Simply Chateau is another resident of Normandy, where she is painstakingly fixing up an old chateau and finding treasure all over France and Venice, Italy.

This beautiful document from 1799 is just one piece of history that you could own if you take a look at Shirley's shop.

Or if  your mom likes jewelry than you must go and visit Marsha at Splenderosa and  check out her new store for bracelets, rings and all sorts of sparkly things for summer.

Of course there are always antiques from the UK at one of my all time favorite places to purchase things, Yonks!

Di carefully selects each item for her shop from the numerous auctions she attends in Wales. Her items are one of a kind and always special. I have purchased several items from her and they always arrive safe from Wales beautifully packaged.

All of these items are available now at Yonks I love the tankard and the perfume bottle!

I know that many of you are huge fans of Anita at Castles, Crowns and Cottages blog, as am I, but did you know that she has a store where she sells her magical creations?

If you follow the link above you will be transported to a wonderful world of Marie Antoinette and Cinderella or perhaps even the iconic world of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Is there a woman alive that has not once dreamed of being a princess?

Of course you could always drop in at the The Enchanted Home, where Tina has opened her storefront a few months ago.

I think that Tina's store is unique, traditional and whimsical at the same time. She carries classic elements from design, such as embroidered pillows but also fun pewter items, in addition to candles, garden urns, and paintings.

Isn't this little nut bowl cute? I really think I need this!

And what about this pear cheese board? There are so many great things arriving daily, I do not know how Tina keeps up!

Now if you are going to splurge on your mom, you MUST visit Debra at Acquired Objects.

Her store Oreillers is like a visit to a museum and the best part is, that you can own a piece of history if you purchase one of  her stunning pieces.(some of which I might add are going to be featured in a movie).

I picked a few of my favorites! A toile bed hanging from the 18th century, a rare piece of Fortuny, and a beautiful tapestry pillow.

And the last store that I wanted to write about today is owned by Brooke Gianette and her husband Steve; they are an incredibly talented couple, he an architect and she a designer.

Images from Velvet and Linen

 They have a wonderful store Patina Style, a blog called Velvet and Linen and a business called Giannetti Home.

 The blog is a showcase for their innovative furniture designs, finds from all over the world, their travel, adventures with their chickens, and their incredible work. Currently they have invited us all along for the ride as they build their dream, Patina Farm, and last year they wrote a wonderful book called Patina Style.

Image Amazon

Image Amazon

The book would be a wonderful addition to your mom's library or to your own! I have the book and I can promise you that you will never tire of looking at the photographs, each time you pick it up you discover something new!

These are just a small number of stores from favorite blog friends, I could write for days and still not include them all.

I hope that if you do not know these beautiful stores or blogs that you visit and if you find some great things come back and let us know. I love hearing about what people find when they are shopping.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Ohhhh, I am so honored, so VERY HONORED MY FRIEND, to be amongst these fine women and talented bloggers and artists/writers!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MENTION!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you a grand day of splendor and creativity. How are you?

    Off to try to start my end of the year assessments so I can be ready to LEAVE and move on!!!! THANK YOU DEAR! Anita

  2. Wow I feel like I hit the motherload of all mothers day gift posts!!!! Fantastic job and I am so honored to have been included Elizabeth wtih this fabulous group of women (and men)! So many amazing and unique gift ideas....most i know but you better believe the ones I don't I am going to go visit right now! Thank you and hope whatever you are doing on Sunday is relaxing, enjoyable and wonderful!
    Thanks again.....

  3. What a great line up of treasures and thank you so much Elizabeth for including my business. My Mom is gone but I could still buy myself a little something huh?


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