Thursday, May 17, 2012

Decor8 BYW Class 2.0, and the Queen's Jubilee Art


Yesterday I wrote about Blogging Your Way hosted by Holly Becker of Decor8 and I received a fair amount of email about the class, asking for more information.  I took the first class last year and to say that I loved it and learned a ton would be an understatement. I think if you are looking for an interesting, well organized class about blogging, growing your blog, finding inspiration, making money, or writing a book than this is the class for you. That being said, I do not know of any other classes taught by successful bloggers.

The class is at your own pace, everything is online and you sign in and there are lessons, and pod casts, and homework. As I said you get  an opportunity to get to know about 500 other bloggers, so not only do you get the expertise of Holly and her technical, wiz Thorsten, you also get the information and help from the guest instructors. The class is 4 weeks, and then all of the information and the forum are still up for another 4 weeks so there is time to download the information and the pod casts, as well as take it all in. There is a time commitment if you are taking the class, especially if you want to get help and have your questions answered in "real time". If you want another opinion, Jeanne at Collage of Life also took the class, so you could ask her too.


OK, on to something lighthearted and entertaining. I am sure that you know that Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her Jubilee this year, 60 years as monarch and my goodness she deserves a celebration. She has seen it all, from wars, to family feuds, to deaths, and births, to fires and everything in between.


To show it's support Harrods, the fabulous department store in London unveiled it's new "temporary"windows.

De beers

The store asked 31 of the worlds top brands to design a crown in honor of Queen Elizabeth.


These are just a few, what do you think?


I like several of them and would be more than happy to wear one.


In addition to Harrods there are Jubilee celebrations all over Britain, and memorabilia in the form of cookie tins, magazines and tea towels, to name just a few of the items you can get.

Will you be traveling to London for the Jubilee or the Olympics? I know some of you live there, do you have any plans to attend some of the events? Do tell us, we would love to hear about it!

I hope your week is going well, have a great day!

All crown images here


  1. Elizabeth,
    Yes, it's going to be a big year in the UK with the Jubilee and the Olympics. I will probably go for afternoon tea for Jubilee, but will watch the Olympics on tv. I think you get to see so much more, keep £300 ticket price in your pocket and not have to fight the crowds in London. That saving could hey me another 6 afternoon teas. Which would you choose, an afternoon in a crowded stadium or 6 high teas?
    Much love

  2. GOOD MORNING DEAR HEART! OK, you just tugged at my heart strings with these fabulous crowns. I collect crowns of all shapes, sizes, colors, styles. I would love to have one such as these!

    Enjoying your week? How is the little pup doing?


  3. I'll be here for the Jubilee, but will probably watch everything from the TV, they are predicting crowds of over 2 million watching the barges on the Thames, jus too many people for me. My daughter's school are having a tea party, so I'm baking cupcakes (of course).
    A child I am preparing for First Holy Communion met the Queen and shook her hand during her visit to Richmond Park, he's thrilled!
    As for the Olympics I'll be in France, my younger son will be here and is dreading traveling to work in central London everyday!
    J x
    PS there are some great jubilee souvenirs around, I'm making a small collection of foodie treats.


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