Friday, June 8, 2012

A Paris Party Sponsored by Castles Crowns and Cottages! I love it!

Today thanks to Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages we get to go on a little escape from our regularly scheduled life to visit one of the most magical places in the world.

A city of lights

Where the shadows of time

Allow us to sit back and relax and forget about life



Or take in the sights.

 We can stop and smell the roses

  Take a walk in the park

Or go for a ride!

 We can sit and think

About the past

Or the present.

We can dream about love.

Or perhaps we could follow a map

To our hearts desire!

Whatever we do on this magical trip will remind us that....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy all of the Paris links at Castles Crowns and Cottages!

All images take by me except the balcony scene, it is from Pinterest!


  1. What a wonderful view of the city of Love! You took all the photos yourself - WOW - extra special view of your Paris. We can all dream today.
    Much love

  2. Elizabeth, it's not a hazard that you bear the name of famous queens, you do speak the most glorious words and surprise the most beautiful glimpses of life :). I've never been to Paris but it's one of my secret wishes to speak French on rue de la Seine :).
    Je t'embrasse :)

  3. How lovely! Your photos are beautiful, I have enjoyed seeing Paris through your lens!

    ~ Violet

  4. Elizabeth dear, your walk through Paris is gorgeous!
    Your photography skills are terrific...and that main lock you chose to photograph is in Russian!
    Isn't this so much fun?
    Dear friend, this week has been so crazy...with end-of school, birthdays and other events.
    I have missed you!
    So glad you had a wonderful time following the Jubilee...I managed to see a bit of the flotilla...that was quite a sight...and all of the people in the streets,! Very moving.
    Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend...and all of the Parisian adventures!
    Sending love,
    - Irina

  5. Lovely photographs of Paris! I think the storyline is perfection and makes me want to book a trip! Visiting from Anita's.

    The French Hutch

  6. Bonjour Elizabeth!
    Aren't we having a wonderful time at the Paris party?? I met Anita last year at the first one, and I'm so glad she's doing it again! I have been following you for awhile, but have not been too active due to internet problems!
    These are lovely photos that you have taken! I do so enjoy it when people put up their own work. It gives us such a personal view. I am blown away by that one from the Eiffel Tower [?} Wouldn't it make a great wall panel behind a bed??
    I have "liked" you on your facebook page. I am there as French at Heart.
    Amitiés, chérie,

  7. brilliant photos elizabeth! Thanks for visiting me - so lovely to make new friends through a party in Paris. Isn't Anita fab for organising it all?!
    fee x

  8. It is great to met you here in Paris ....enjoy your stay...what a great party !!!! love

  9. your photography is amazing! truly wonderful!!
    and pine corns and acorns are two of my favourite things :)

  10. Those pictures are brilliant. I especially love the close up of the locks... so often it is from a distance and you don't appreciate the lovely thought that goes behind them. I do feel like we are all rendezvous-ing in a special place to enjoy Paris... almost like being there.

  11. Stunning pictures... and a really wonderful tour of Paris... thank you... Happy weekend... xv

  12. What a brilliant idea of Anita to connect all of us who love Paris. Your tour of the City of Light is amazing . Thank you for visiting my blog even when I wasn't quite ready with my Paris picnic.
    Have a romantic weekend!

  13. Wonderful, Elizabeth! What lovely pictures you've taken--those combined with your beautiful wording have made this a perfect visit to Paris!


  14. so well said and described!!! love it!smiles~

  15. My dearest friend! I AM VERY LATE because I had to work today and I am BUSHED but happily so, from all this WONDERFUL PARTYING!!!! Ohhhhhh your OWN PHOTOS HERE! See, this is what I keep saying is that I love what everyone is doing. Either original photos, arts, crafts, food, poetry, history, whimsy, it is ALL SO WONDERFUL. I guess I am a teacher at heart for I so love seeing the diverse talents and abilities at work.

    THANK YOU MY SWEET FRIEND for your enthusiasm and friendship. You are SUPER!!! LOVE! Anita

  16. Absolutely beautiful blog!! Your pictures are amazing!!

    I am a follower now and I would like to invite you over to my blog to be entered in my giveaway.

    Dessa Rae

  17. Oh how I love that golden JEANNE D'ARC!!! BONJOUR MA BELLE! Having fun???? ENJOY! Anita

  18. What a beautiful post and I am sooooo glad to know that you took all of the photos too! Doesn't the Paris Party make you wish you were back? You have wonderful images and a wonderful eye for photography. I am going to have to say that I want my Paris breakfast on the Pinterest balcony, not just on a park bench! Have a great time in Paris whenever you return!

  19. Elizabeth,Thank you oh so much for dropping by and reminding Me about our trip to Paris.I almost missed the plan.I was thinking it was on the 9th,but because of you, I made it on time.Please drop back to visit me once more now that you reminded Me of our trip.Enjoying Paris together!

  20. Your photos are fabulous! What a delightful trip...
    thanks to Anita for inspiring us all!!!

    ~ Violet

  21. Stunning photos! It's wonderful to meet new bloggers with the same passion for Paris via Anita's parisian soiree!
    xoxo, B

  22. Thank you for a wonderful tour of Paris. It's wonderful to meet bloggers with the same passion for Paris via Anita's parisian soiree.
    xoxo, B

  23. Paris is on my must see list and I dream about it constantly.
    Lovely pictures, very personal :)


  24. Love it all, Elizabeth, especially the picture of the locks. Thank you for stopping by.
    I also love your most recent Sunday post.

  25. What gorgeous images! Even though I haven't visited the City of Lights, I feel like I've been able to travel there seeing all of this beauty, thanks to this wonderful party that Anita has hosted for us.

    I hope you have a lovely week!
    Heidi (hi-d)

  26. Elizabeth, this is just the best! I love the Stravinsky Fountain by Niki de Saint Phalle. I almost included a photo of it in my post. Also considered sharing a photo of the Locks of Love on the bridge. ;-) Thanks for sharing all these great images. Fabulous post!
    Glad to find your blog as well.......Sarah

  27. G'day Elizabeth.
    Great images. I loved the pickie of the Eiffel Tower...all bokeh looking...and the one with the large wheel and the statue of the lion bang smack in the center wearing a circular garland of flowers (to match the wheel!)...Joan of Arc is amazing...though I can't say the same for that modern art 'statue' Haha.
    I have also checked out your other posts re yummy! they tasted GOOD.

  28. Elizabeth,
    What a pleasure to "meet" you through Anita's Paris party ~ this had been quite the soiree!
    A bientot,

  29. Yours is a lovely Paris Party post. Merci...I just saw your fathers day brunch too...sorry I'm late to the Paris party. Mary

  30. I lost my comment on Paris Party..your post was very fun to go through. I'm still working my way through the tour! Merci, Mary

  31. Yours is a lovely Paris Party post. Merci...I just saw your fathers day brunch too...sorry I'm late to the Paris party. Mary


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