Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dreaming of Fall

If you have followed me for any length of time than you know that Fall is my favorite time of the year with Winter running a close second. As the temperatures are soaring to record highs again this week, I find myself almost a shut in.

I work from home so there are normally at least one or two days a week where I do not leave the house, but with the rising temps I find myself only going out now to let the dog out and get the mail. Call me a wimp but I HATE the heat and humidity, and I am certain that I am not alone. 

I long for Fall, cooler temperatures, a hearty bowl of soup,  a stack of books,  a few good movies and a roaring fire. Today, just for fun I will show you some of the things I have been dreaming of! I hope they will take your mind off of your heatwave too.

I can already picture myself sitting by the fire, snuggled with my down blanket and my pup at my feet. 

Image From Better Homes and Gardens

Reading a few good books that I have set aside for the long days of Fall, that is if I can tear myself away from Pinterest for a few hours. 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

Of course I will be sipping a mug of drinking chocolate. 

While a pot of Tuscan bean soup with rosemary soup simmers on the stove and a loaf of this Easy Little Bread from 101 Cookbooks bakes in the oven. 

Slab Apple Pie Image me

Perhaps I will have a piece of slab apple pie made from my grandmother's recipe? Who knows...

Tell me are you growing weary from the heat? Or the incessant rain? Are you dreaming of Fall like me? Or are you living in an area that Fall/Winter comes too soon and last for TOO LONG so you are savoring your Summer in any form?

Whatever the case, I have to get my head out of the clouds and get some work done. But my day dream was a nice little respite and I guess I can make it a few more weeks until the chill sets in and Fall colors appear. 

I hope that your day is beautiful! Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous post that now has me dreaming of fall! Its my favorite season too...the crisp air the changing leaves, its such a beautiful season then you have that "Christmas is in the air" spirit knowing its not far away....it is a magical holiday and now I am feeling kind of anxious to say goodbye to the humidity, the heat I can deal with but cannot stand the humidity! Tuscan bean soup and homemade apple pie.......heavenly.

  2. I actually almost posted a fall photo yesterday for my post!!! I too seem to be almost home bound due to the heat...it helps our bank account...but cabin fever can set in even in summer ;) Love the post!!

  3. Oh dearest,

    I love all seasons, and the extreme heat has become a common theme around here. As long as I keep myself hydrated and low on expending energy, I am OK. But I love the fall and all that comes with it and it will be with us soon enough! You are prepared to ring it in with beauty!!! LOVE! Anita

  4. Hi, Elizabeth - Yes, I am! Tired of and from this heat! Have not been outside much either. I love fall, too. I wish we could have 2 seasons: spring and fall :-)

  5. Thank you for giving me a moment of escape. Like you autumnl and winter are my very favorites. Here in the south they are all too short for my liking. With the temps soaring my walks are taken on the treadmill with a good book to keep me company. And yes a big glass of water nearby. Take care, stay cool and continue to dream of cooler days. Bonnie

  6. Elizabeth I'm with you come on fall! We never have heat and humidity like this in New England and I'm sick of it. We need rain so badly but that heat just keeps coming and baking things. I don't even have half my projects for this summer done outside because of the weather. I'm so ready for fall!


  7. I am also tired of this heat and humidity - I hate humidity - and I'm mighty tired of the a/c running day and night; not being able to open windows. Fall is my favorite time of year.....and I really don't mind winter, either.

    I'm new to your blog finding my way here through Pinterest....it is a lovely place to visit, thank you for sharing.....

  8. Elizabeth, I am with you, fall is my absolutely favorite season. I love the crisp weather and the anticipation of all the holidays. For me it means cozy times at home with lots of good food and snuggling up with a good book. With August coming up next week, I actually feel like it's right around the corner. I loved all your images, they took me to my favorite season!

  9. Oh yes....dear friend, I would LOVE to finally open some windows!!! I have become sort of a shut in as well, looks like I'm not alone! :))) I so look forward to summer here...we have some beautiful places we like to visit every year, but this weather has made it impossible.
    Loving your beautiful images...
    Stay cool!! :))
    - Irina


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