Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My country, tis of thee...memories and plans for the 4th of July!

Hello! I hope your week is going well. Are you ready for a nice relaxing day tomorrow? A barbecue? A wonderful picnic with your family? Decorating a bike or a wagon with your kids or grand kids for the local parade? Or heading out to the fireworks?


My grandparents would help us decorate our bikes or wagons and we would go to a parade, and show off our handiwork and then eat ice cream, have some cotton candy and then go home to a barbeque.

Frequently these barbeques were out at my aunt and uncles cottage on Pewaukee Lake, where we would spend the day swimming, out on the boat and of course playing with the cousins and eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the fixings.

 Every holiday began and ended up with two sets of fireworks! The first on the third of July, and the second on the fourth!

In Milwaukee the biggest fireworks are on the 3rd of July and they are called, "the Big Bang", they are set off near Lake Michigan and set to classical music. It is a wonderful day; families come and spend the day having picnics with their kids, floating boats in the duck pond, and enjoying all of the things Lake Park and Lake Michigan have to offer.

The second fireworks are usually local, and they are on a much smaller scale and held by your own suburb.

Tomorrow we are spending the day at a barbeque, and then watching A Capitol Fourth on PBS. We get to hear the National Symphony Orchestra, Russell Watson, and many more musicians perform and take in the fabulous fireworks from the National Mall in Washington, D.C!

 I hope that you enjoy your holiday! If you are traveling be safe on the roads, stay cool and enjoy your time with your family and friends! After all isn't that what it is all about?

Enjoy your day!


  1. These are idyllic memories, my dear! How beautiful that your family is so loving...so much to cherish.
    Have a wonderful 4th, dear friend...I am so glad you are safe and that you have power. I've been thinking of everyone affected by the crazy weather.
    It is terribly stifling here as well...and I don't think we'll be coming out of air conditioning until fireworks time!
    Love to you,
    - Irina

  2. Good morning dearest Elizabeth!

    I LOVE YOUR DISPLAY of Americana. This is a great time of year and we are going to spend the day here at home and possibly drive up to visit our builder at his home. No family here but dear friends with whom we shall gather and enjoy a fine summer night.

    BE WELL! Anita

  3. You bring backk such wonderful memories of the Fourth from my childhood. We used to get together with a bunch of famlies for a barbeque, races, parade and fireworks. It was always a very full day of fun. Thanks for bring back those fond memories.

    Enjoy your Fourth!

  4. Your patriotic images are wonderful. I have always loved the fourth of July. Coming from a military family we were never with family, but the day on the base celebrating. I can remember my heart swelling with pride. This year like you I will probably enjoy a bit of barbecue and watch the fireworks on TV.

    Thank you for the constant reminder to hydrate. It is so important. My own child was hospitalized many years ago from dehydration during a high school sports practice. My heart stops when I think of what would have happened had doctor not been running with them. Again thank you...you cannot say it enough. Bonnie

  5. Hi, Elizabeth - Your holiday plans sound wonderful....have fun at the BBQ! And, thanks for sharing your family traditions with us. I love the part about Big Bang with classical music....that must have been awesome!!


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