Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silent Sunday

Enjoy your day!

And if you feel like whipping up a fast treat come over to Once Upon A Chocolate Life for some Hello Dolly or Magic Bars as I call them. Scrumptious and EASY.


  1. GOOD MORNING MY DEAREST! I love this quote; it says what were were REALLY meant to do in this life. THANK YOU for coming to visit yesterday! Your comments are so kind and your friendship means so much to me. I cherish all the moments and memories of each friend I have, both in my daily life and ON-LINE. I cannot tell you how many times I think of you when I see a certain object you have sent to me.

    This summer is fleeing too quickly. We are finally done with the deck, we have gone back and forth trying to decide if we should enclose it with screen or just leave it as is. It is SO GORGEOUS as is and from the French doors in our great room, the view of our lush boxwood garden is like looking at a rich oil painting. I am creating in haste once again, for I sold ALL of my paper shoes and dress!!! More designs are in my head and I just need to use each day to bring them to fruition before ONE MORE guest arrives to stay with me for a week on August 8-14. I fear I will be away from the computer again, but I hope to try to stay in touch daily somehow!!!!

    Have a fantastic day my dear and beautiful friend! Anita

  2. I used to make those magic bars all the time might be time to make a batch again! Love the saying too!

    Enjoy your Sunday Elizabeth!

  3. Hi, Elizabeth -
    Wonderful quote for Sunday!! Thank you for finding and sharing it with us.


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