Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberry Limeade, White Hydrangeas, and Blue Transferware!

Hello! Happy the day after the 4th of July! Are you off work today and lounging at the beach or will you be working? I am going to be doing a little of both.

Did you have a fabulous celebration yesterday? See a parade? Eat some tasty barbeque? Watch some great fireworks?

I had a great day! As it was 100 degrees we decided to forgo the beach. But we did take a walk and saw so many cute and excited little kids that were riding their bikes home from the parade. Wow, those little smiles could have lit up the sky! They were so proud and with good reason, there were streamers, and flags and all manner of things decorating their bikes. One little guy even had an electronic car that he drove to and from the festivities, and his dad followed along behind with his hazard lights flashing. Oh that brought back memories for me, we used to do that every year with my grandparents.

We did have a relaxing day and a great  barbeque with pulled pork, potato salad, cole slaw and all of the fixings. And this delicious Strawberry Limeade with mint that I made. It was refreshing, fruity and fabulous.

Then we watched The Capitol Fourth on PBS where we not only saw great fireworks but Matthew Broderick, Russell Watson, and Phillip Philips to name a few performers. Not to mention all of the armed forces bands: I do not know about you but I always tear up when they play these patriotic songs. Perhaps because I know so many who have given up so much so that we can all be free and enjoy these holidays.

I wound down my day with a cup of cocoa a good book and a few blogs. All in all a wonderful day. It's what life is all about, "the little things."

I hope that you have a wonderful day today, working or on holiday! Stay cool, and hydrated there are more record temps on the way. To those of you in Virginia, Washington, D.C and Maryland I hope today is the day your power comes back on. And to my friends and cousins in Colorado, I hope you get to go back home soon and your homes are still there.


P.S. The recipe for this limeade is easy. 5 fresh squeezed limes, 1/8 cup of simple syrup, 2 cups of strawberries (or more to taste), 1 cup of water, 2 cups of ice, and 8 mint leaves. Mix in blender to your desired texture and enjoy.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day Elizabeth. I can't believe you are having a heat wave. It's so cold and miserable here and non stop rain for a week. I'm still in bed suffering with this bloody cold, can't seem to shake it. Feeling sorry for myself now, it's been a week. More whisky, that's what I need :-)

  2. Good morning dear one!

    YOU TOO HAD 100 degree weather? I could NOT even go outside because I have been suffering from severe allergies and the heat and humidity are stifling. We canceled our plans to go OUT for a BBQ; it was just too hot.

    We did top off our evening with a hug pot of ICED TEA, chocolate hazelnut and vanilla....OH SO GOOD!

    Happy day to you! Anita

  3. Wonderful photographs! It sounds like you chose the perfect way to spend the evening. Bonnie

  4. I love the combination of strawberry & lime, this is one of my favourite summer drinks!

  5. Great photographs! What a wonderful July 4th...


  6. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing this special day with us...sounds like you had a lovely day, and I wonder if you have a bit of a sea breeze as relief from the heat.
    Thanks so much for your sweet 4th wishes...I was thinking of you...
    As we watched the fireworks, I was humming all of those wonderful 4th is so much more powerful with the music, isn't it?
    That drink looks sooooo good!!
    We are cooling off with mango popsicles ;))
    Sending love to you,
    - Irina

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day. The Strawberry Limeade sounds delish.



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