Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking a Holiday

Hello! Whew, I do not know about you but Summer is wearing me out! Between work, travel, visitors, the weather and life I need a vacation. So for the next few days I am taking some time off to celebrate my mother-in-laws 85th birthday!

Image Pottery Barn
I only hope that when I am eighty-five, I am as spry and healthy as she is!
I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy!


  1. Have a lovely holiday, I envy you the weather, we have had the worst summer ever. I'm really looking forward to our holidays, today is the first day of my daughter's school holiday.
    Happy Holiday, Jude x

  2. Elizabeth enjoy your holiday and you MIL birthday! I hope I get to be 85 someday. I could use a vacation as well I'm tired.


  3. Good morning my friend! I TOO am beginning to think the same thing! Between having a deck built and painting my studio, I think we have just about spent our Summer TIME AND ENERGY WAD!!!!

    Have a relaxing day, will ya? Anita

  4. Have a wonderful vacation. Just relax and stay cool!


  5. Have a wonderful holiday, Elizabeth. Enjoy time with your mother in law. Wishing her a happy 85th!


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