Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics! The Weekend!

Hello! Happy Friday! I am so excited for the weekend! I won't go into the whole weather thing, I know we are all sick of that but I hope you survived the storms from the Midwest to the East Coast, with power intact. I have seen the scary images and heard about the tornado's and thunderstorms.

I have big plans for the weekend, parking myself in front of the TV to take in every second of the London Summer Olympics, after all they only happy every four years. I have heard great things about the opening ceremony, directed by Academy award winner Danny Boyle, and will be cheering and watching along with an estimated 1 BILLION people!

What will you be doing? Vacationing? Having friend's in to visit? Taking a staycation? Or doing exactly as I will be and taking in the Olympics. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy every minute.



  1. Hi Elizabeth ~ you would of loved to have heard the bells ring @ 8:12 this morning. Everyone throughout the UK was asked to ring a bell for 3 min.'s to welcome the beginning of the games. I'm a real sucker for these types of celebrations. The British really know, like no other country, how to throw a party and celebrate all that's special and holds tradition. Have a wonderful weekend & I hope you enjoy the opening ceremonies today!!! We'll be watching too. xx

  2. I am having a STAYCATION for my home is my place of REST. Maybe a glimpse at the games, I don't know. But I want to create and play in my own garden!!! LOVE TO YOU DEAR FRIEND! Anita

  3. Well of course, here it's GB all the way, if you watch the cycling tomorrow, it's going throughRichmond Park , 10 minutes walk from my Richmond home, and the torch was even closer today as it went throught Teddington Lock.
    Ironically, we don't have a TV here, so I have to get everything via the Internet, I know the Red Arrows have been over and there are going to be Shire Horses, sounds like the perfect opening ceremony to me.
    Have a great weekend,
    Jude x

  4. Wooohoooo! The atmosphere in the UK is amazing. There are more street parties around this neck of the woods than there were during the Queen's Jubilee. I am so proud!
    Hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony - it was epic!

  5. Yes, I am watching. Missed the opening ceremony but have it taped. Can't wait to watch it. Have a great weekend, enjoy the Olympics!

  6. Elizabeth, the "telly" is the perfect place to be this weekend! GO USE, is right!


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