Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tone on Tone A New Favorite Blog

While reading one of my favorite blogs a few months ago, Lauren from Pure Style Home mentioned a visit from one of my other favorite blogger, Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen and a cocktail party they attended in honor of Brooke and Steve and their book Patina Style. The party was thrown by Loi Thai and Tom Troeschel, owners of Tone on Tone, a beautiful antiques store in Bethesda. 

Naturally I was curious about Tone on Tone because the photos that Lauren featured of their house were so stunning. So off I went in search of this beautiful blog and home.

Image Velvet and Linen

Loi , his thoughtful and prosaic writing and stunning images of his home, garden, design projects and of course his store have made Tone on Tone one of my favorite blogs.

It is obvious from the moment you enter the blog that you are entering a "labor of love", each post highlights a client project.

His stunning blue garden.

Or his topiary which he has been raising and grooming for over 14 years and his silver and ironstone collections. 

In addition to his blog, Loi and Tom are the owners of the antique store Tone on Tone. This Bethesda, Md store sells 18th and 19th century Swedish and French antiques. Each piece is carefully selected, staged and then photographed and placed on the web page, which is updated weekly.  I found so many stunning pieces; the simple lines and patina drew me in like a bee to honey. These are just a few of my favorite pieces:

Starburst Mirror

Look at this chest above. I love the color, the diamond details and the white birds too!

Isn't this vignette beautiful?

I LOVE THESE candle stands!

And this mirror, pale blue and grey chest, ironstone and the orchid...perfection. 

If you are a fan of beautiful photographs, stunning Swedish and French antiques, interior and garden design, wonderful writing and so much more I think you will really enjoy Tone on Tone. If you are already familiar with the Loi than you know what I am talking about! 

As I have said, I love discovering new blogs, so if you know of a new and wonderful blog, or an old, favorite that you think we might not know do leave the name in the comment section. I cannot wait to discover new reads!

Enjoy your day! 

All Images from Tone on Tone Blog and Store Webpage.


  1. Hello dear Elizabeth...I hope you are staying nice and cool, my friend...we have the A/C on again humid.
    This is very beautiful...I will visit the blog...
    thank you!!
    Sending love and fresh breezes,
    - Irina
    P.S. Tomorrow I am baking the double chocolate cookies...I'll report back to you! ;)

  2. financial advisors

    Wow. Those stuff looks gorgeous. I'm in love with that starburst mirror. How much do you think it cost?

  3. Each and very vignette is wondrous on it's own, so beautiful!
    xoxo, Chris

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    I agree with everything you said. I recently discovered Loi also and am addicted. He is such a nice person! His taste is exquisite. A lovely post!
    Much love

  5. Dearest one,

    I love TONES rather than a lot of COLORS. This is my home!!! I hope you are enjoying a little quiet today! KEEP COOL! Anita

  6. Thank you for the recommendation. Everything was so lovely and restful for the eyes. I saw several things I would love to have. Thanks again. Bonnie

  7. Dear Elizabeth -
    What a fantastic surprise!! Thank YOU for featuring us. This is very, very generous. I am so honored. I really appreciate your kind words, support and friendship. Thank you :-)

  8. I love Loi's blog and the pieces he and Tom find are out of this world. I love their gardens and their beautiful pups. Loi's a wonderful person but then again aren't all bloggers?



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