Friday, July 6, 2012

Malted Milk Ball Brownies and Weekend Plans

Hip, hip, hooray! It is Friday! I love Fridays!
 I am taking part of the day to do some pampering and necessary maintenance. I am going to get my hair cut, highlights and a pedicure. I always feel like a new person after a day at the salon.  Don't you?

Aside from that, I am not doing anything, it is going to be too HOT! Record temperatures already in July, these are the temps we normally have in August, but I guess that just means that doing nothing  is a good idea.

OK, maybe not nothing, just nothing out in the elements. I have gifts to wrap for birthdays, arrangements to make for future travel, and lots of magazines and books to catch up on. Not to mention finish reading all of the pages of information that I have from my blogging class that finished this week. Whew! I am tired thinking about it all.

What are your plans? Fun and exciting things? Work? Or something else?

 If you are somewhere where it is cool and have some time for a tasty treat, come over to Once Upon a Chocolate Life and check out these amazing brownies. Malted Milk Brownies with Chocolate Malt Buttercream Frosting.

ENJOY your day! ENJOY your weekend!


  1. Love, Love, Love your patriotic posts. Never enough red, white and blue! Never enough patriotism! Spent the morning of the 4th in the local parade with my granddaughter. Loved it!
    This malted milk post reminds me of the one time that I received my discipline from 'heaven' after being a naughty little girl. My parents were going to have a party and I stole a bag of malted milk balls...and I ate them...and I got SO sick. To this day, a lifetime has passed, but my stomach starts to churn at the smell of malted milk! I smile at the memory!
    xoxo, Chris


    WOW, have we had the heat turned up out here too! There was a lazy squirrel up in our courtyard tree and he was just sitting there, not was TOO HOT! He later lunged into our water fountain!!!!!!!!!!

    Good idea to stay PUT this weekend. With the exception of trying to finish a paint job in the house, I am not moving either.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to you my dear! Anita

  3. Pampering sounds perfect, hope you have a relaxing time. I've just taken some brownies out of the oven, the smell is wonderful, filling the whole house.
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather, it's raining (again) here in London,
    Happy weekend, Jude s

  4. Love that baby birdy under the leaf. Making me smile for sure. Yes, it's hot in Texas, but it always is during summer...but this year everywhere is hot, I think. The people in Palm Springs told me once, when I asked what they do during summer, "we only go out at night." Imagine? Rocky Mountain High sounds so good right now, doesn't it? xx's

  5. Hello there beautiful! I am helping Ruben paint the primer on my studio! AND our weather is finally a bit cooler....whew...we paid our dues in the HOT weather dept. this week! I hope you are off to a good start for a fabulous weekend! Anita

  6. Your weekend sounds heavenly. And those brownies! Elizabeth, you come up with the most delicious looking desserts. My mouth is watering! Have a lovely weekend!


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