Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crazy Day

This has been a crazy week for me. On Monday I was already counting the days until Friday. Consequently, the week has gone slower and seems to just keep filling up with last minute "emergencies" for work. Today is going to be one of those days...the kind where at the end of the day you need a drink and you do not drink!

 I will leave you with this cartoon that I found on Pinterest to put a smile on your face, while I go off to work. 

Have a great day!


  1. Dear friend, it is so good to visit you here!
    I see that you have been having a very busy week, and I wish you a peaceful and beautiful weekend!!
    I have had very little time at the has been a whirlwind getting ready for back-to-school and trying to cram in last minute summer plans.
    I hope to catch up on your posts this weekend...
    I am thinking of you, dear Elizabeth!!
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    We have always thought work to be very overrated as an activity and are so grateful not to have to do it any more....unless we choose!Still, needs must and we wish you a happy day!

  3. Oh I have so many mixed feelings at the moment...but I do know that I have a lot to learn about the new lifestyle chez moi. No turning back, but just heading forward towards the results of my decision. Summer was fabulous and now I look forward to fall and to see what this brings. Happy day my dear. Anita

  4. That second one is made for I am still scratching my head wondering where the fun in summer went (exception would be a few days here and there) but it was much more of a "working summer" than my typical! Enjoy your crazy day and try to pace yourself:)

  5. Elizabeth, I do hope your day has improved. It seems you might enjoy a bit of chocolate now and again...I've found ice cream to be as satisfy after a stressful day. Perhaps a nice bowl of ice cream with double chocolate. Wishing you a lovely holiday week-end.


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