Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day: Are You Ready for the Weekend?

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I guess this the last "official " weekend of Summer, perhaps because next week the last of the kids are back to school.

 I went to Catholic schools from 1-12 grade and we had to wear tartan wool skirts, and white blouses with blue or burgundy sweaters.  So even though summer is over after Labor Day, when you are wearing a wool skirt and sweater on a 70-80 degree day, summer isn't over until you need a coat!

In any case, Fall officially starts this year on September 22, so we still  have a few more weeks to enjoy  weekends on the boat,

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or at the beach

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and a few barbeque's.

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What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be traveling or staying close to home with family and friends?

I am staying home, I have been very busy these last few weeks with work, company and well just life.  I just want to be at home and catching up. My husband wants to clean the garage...that wasn't in my plans but if I am not there to supervise might purge my stuff and keeps all of his. 

Aside from that, we are going kayaking and probably doing a little work, reading and relaxing!

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I hope you have a fabulous and enjoyable three day weekend! 
Be safe!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Here in Budapest the mornings have a very distinct feel of the approach of autumn, but the daytime temperatures remain well into the mid 30C and so we are continuing to enjoy summer.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. It's our Father's day her in Australia. So we will be hopefully going out as a family on Sunday. Our Spring starts tomorrow!

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Just visiting the Magical Christmas Wreath I motive you won the giveaway! You lucky dab and so well deserved.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend. I believe we are off to London.

  4. Your weekend sounds perfect, enjoy it!! We are off for a few days, then going to attend the US Open and on Monday, total relaxation! Enjoy.......

  5. Oh, love that 1st image!! I'm going to pin that one! Have a wonderful weekend. I'm spending most of it working but at least I'll get holiday pay and my job is fun. xo

  6. Visiting from Magical Wreath Company! I am definitely ready for a long weekend! Here in the States college football has started so can't wait to watch that! By the way, have fun on your picnic :)

  7. Hello there precious one! It seems like I am so late here....I think I am having problems with my blog list. Your weekend sounds fabulous. My summer is continuing since my substitute position starts the week after the kids go back to school! YIPPPPPEEEE!!! Anita

  8. Darling friend,

    THANK YOU for coming to visit my new post and my MOUSE! teehee....she is rather fabulous, I must say. THANK YOU for the inspiration the other day....I just need to find myself a little box and AWAY I GO!!!!!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  9. I am loving this last weekend of summer. But secretly I can't wait until fall is here, my very favorite season. It is always filled with inspiration for me. Elizabeth, thanks for all the great images and enjoy your Labor day weekend!

  10. Hi sweet Elizabeth!

    Thank you for welcoming
    me home from the Pacific NW.
    It was a wonderful trip, but
    I'm feeling behind {like you}
    and trying to get my ducks
    in a row as my kids started
    back to school this week.

    Had to smile, as mine attend
    a Catholic school and my
    daughter's uniform is not that
    different from the ones that
    you described : )

    Enjoy your puttering and organizing
    time and find some special moments
    to relax and just BE, too!!!

    xo Suzanne

  11. Hi, Elizabeth ~
    Can you believe summer will soon be over? :( I've already noticed the increase in traffic. I just came back from a meeting in NYC, and look forward to staying home this holiday weekend. Your weekend sounds wonderful: a bit of fun with some work. You'll have a clean garage that's all ready for winter.

  12. We love staying home on long holiday weekends and usually do. Everybody leaves town, the streets are clear, and we have it all to ourselves! Mostly.

  13. Dear Elizabeth, thank you your lovely comment and visit...I have been a little under the weather this weekend, so staying close to my IPad, and much inspiration out there! Hope to be feeling better tomorrow and attend an estate sale here at home, and continue to enjoy this gorgeous weather...I shall be stopping in also now, that I am on your list, N.xo

  14. Dearest Elizabeth, sounds like you will be having a mostly relaxing weekend, and that is good!
    I have been thinking of you as well, dear friend...
    Things are a bit calmer now that school shopping is all done, but a new chapter begins with the first year at middle school!
    I am looking forward to some cooler we were in the 90's again. I had a small family lunch at my place...and guess what we had as part of dessert? Your decadent HOT CHOCOLATE!
    My sister drank Angelina' daughter the mint...and my dad a little of both!! Thank you again, wonderful friend.
    And you are TOO KIND to offer to back something...
    Just wonderful memories and photos! :)))
    When is the trip? I am excited for you....
    Blessings to you, and a wonderful weekend...
    Much love,
    - Irina


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