Sunday, August 26, 2012

Silent Sunday

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh is this ever true....we all have had our share of storms, but how good of God to empower us with the strength necessary to make the journey and come out stronger!!! HI THERE ELIZABETH! Anita

  2. Beautiful and a wonderful reminder to all of us to sometimes give ourselves that little nudge that we occasionally need to be all that we can be, enjoy your Sunday Elizabeth!

  3. I love the sayings you put up here on Sundays Elizabeth. I'm doing well just been super busy with work and the outside work and of course Dylan dog. My gardens are fading fast and don't look great but that's the cycle. We enjoyed some fried green tomatoes last night on salads. Picked the last of the fruit yesterday, I'll miss all the fresh things we're able to walk out our door and pick. It's finally cooler up north but we really need rain this has been an odd season but it's been like that for everyone. I hope you're having a wonderful summer and enjoying fresh picked things from the garden.

    Be well my friend!

  4. Morning darling one!
    I feel this is just for us, time to raise the sails. Are you still being nagged to live afloat :-). There are worse ways to live for a while. I have had such a lazy month but did start going to the gym! I have a big hill to climb to get rid of all the cake and chocolate I have indulged in :-) how could I resist, I'm a Taurean, the flesh is weak!
    Much love

  5. Such a wonderful assurance we have from God.

    Thank you for sharing.


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