Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sunflowers Memories and Joy the Baker's Brownies

Hello! Can you believe it is August? I cannot believe how fast the year is going. In another month I will be thinking of Christmas, OK I am already thinking of it, but I mean I will begin the preparations.

 I saw these sunflowers at the market and had to have them. First because they are beautiful, second because the remind me that Fall is soon to be here and third because they remind me of my grandparents.

Sadly, my grandparents are all gone. I did not really know my father's parents, my paternal grandfather passed away soon after I was born, and my grandmother lived in California, so aside from a few visits I did not know her. I was lucky enough to have another set that made up for that loss. My mother's parents were incredibly special people and I could write a book about their lives and our adventures with them. One of which is why sun flowers remind me of them. 

Did I ever mention that as a child I lived in Kodiak, Alaska ( stories for another day)? Well, I did and after 2 1/2 years my grandparents flew up to Kodiak to get my family and take us to Milwaukee. My father was in the Coast Guard so he had to travel back with his ship.

My grandparents decided to bring their motor home and take us on a grand adventure from Seattle to Wisconsin. We went to Yellowstone, to Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Space Needle, Wild Bill Hickok's Museum, and so many other great places: but one of the enduring memories of that trip were the miles and miles and miles of sunflowers we saw while driving.

 We stopped several times to take a look at them and some of my favorite photos are the ones I have in front of the those sunflowers. Each time I see one I am reminded of a grand adventure, traveling across America, seeing the sights, spending time with my grandparents and my family. 

In addition to reminiscing, I also whipped up a batch of these chocolate brownies with buttercream frosting from Joy the Baker. If you would like the recipe please visit, Once Upon a Chocolate Life. I will warn you now, they are fabulous! I had to run them out of the house or I would have eaten them all. Sadly, I still have a half a batch of the frosting and now will have to bake tomorrow.  I have to paddle lock the refrigerator because I LOVE frosting!

I hope you have a wonderful day! 

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    Yes, this summer has gone by too fast. I think that sometimes we (my husband and I) over estimate TIME. We simply took on too many projects and before you know it, these time-consuming tasks take up ALL OF YOUR SUMMER. Though I enjoy having guests, a whole week of entertaining does put your other goals on hold. I have another house guest (2) coming next Wednesday for a week. During that visit, my husband will actually need to get back to work! The only thing that helps me feel as if I have TIME to get some things done is that I won't be returning to a full time job and I do have the option for declining any substitute job that comes my way. SO.....on with THE GAMES OF SUMMER!!! Love sunflowers; they remind me of FRANCE and being on the TGV rushing through SW France onto Paris....ahhhhh! Anita

  2. Gorgeous sunflowers, they and hydrangeas to me, are summers poster child. I also cannot believe how the summer has flown, I say it every year but this year in particular has gone by at warp speed......not to say fall is not a season to look forward to:) Boy, I am glad I am not your neighbor, I would be coming over for "taste tests" all the time.....and lets just say I would be pleasantly plump:)

  3. That is so nice that sunflowers hold such memories and feelings for you! What a beautiful post!

  4. Elizabeth I love your sunflowers! I just took a big bunch to my day spa this morning for everyone. They make me happy looking them. Glad you can relate them to happy memories of your family. As for those brownies...I love joy the baker so will have to go look at the recipe


  5. What beautiful memories, dear friend! And what a blessing that you knew your grandparents...
    These flowers were abundant where I was born...they hold memories of my grandparents too.
    So lovely...
    Ok, now to print off this recipe...hee! :)))
    - Irina


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