Thursday, September 6, 2012

Certified Copy

Hello, how is your week? Mine was going very well until yesterday, I went to bed perfectly fine and woke up with terrible lower back pain. How does that happen? What could I possibly have been doing in my sleep to cripple myself? A mystery to be sure.

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Speaking of mysteries, have you seen the movie Certified Copy? It is an interesting, confusing film directed by Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami, which stars Juliette Binoche and opera star, William Shimell.

 Set in Tuscany the movie tells the story of author James Miller, who wrote a book called "Certified Copy",  and is in Italy speaking about his book. At a lecture he is giving, Juliette Binoche refereed to as Elle/She  offers to show him around the city. He takes her up on the offer and they spend a day together in a little Italian village where newlyweds visit so that they will have long and prosperous marriage. 

I don't want to tell you more of the movie because frankly I wouldn't even know what or how to explain it. The story is not straight forward and for me it was a bit confusing, In fact the director Abbas Kiarostami said in an interview that if five people see the movie they will have five interpretations of what it is about.

Have you seen it? Can you give me your interpretation because I would love to know what other people thought it was about. 

Have you seen any good movies? I am always open to suggestions.

I hope you have a great day! Enjoy!


  1. Morning Elizabeth,
    I have neither heard nor seen it. Will have to try and watch, sounds intriguing. I am however looking forward to seeing "Untouchables". A French film starring Omar Sy. It's winning all kinds of awards and looks totally heartwarming.

    Ouch, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it takes just the slightest movement to put a back out. It was probably something you did duing the day and the inflammation took hold during the night. Did you move any wardrobes yesterday! I did it getting out of a car once, simple. On my back for at least 3 days and then walking like a crab for another week. I don't envy you. Take some anti inflams and have a stack of books close to hand. It's your body wanting a rest.

    Take care!

  2. I have not seen this movie, but it will be a MUST SEE on my list for the coming cold months!!! DEAREST, I have had this happen to me before with the back. I have NO IDEA why this happens, and in fact, it just happened to my husband and his ANKLE the other day. For NO apparent reason, his ankle gave him so much pain for the entire day. The next day? IT WAS GONE. That has happened to my back, neck and arm....who knows! BE WELL...Anita

  3. I have not seen this movie, but you have peaked my interest.

    I hope your back feels much better very soon.

  4. Have not seen this movie, dear friend, but I'm now intrigued!
    Oh, do take care of yourself! Lower back pain...yikes...I agree with Dianne, sometimes it's the slightest something.
    I know that for me cooler weather affects my back and joints in general.
    I hope you are feeling better very soon.
    And I also wish you could join me and Anita...what an amazing gift that would be, Elizabeth.
    Someday, I really hope so!

  5. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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