Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Pumpkins and Happy Weekend!

I felt Fall this morning!!! I wanted to run outside and dance on the lawn. I feel a spring in my step and a renewed sense of energy. I am so excited I cannot wait to take it all in this weekend. 

I know that for many Summer is their favorite time of the year and that winter doldrums set in once the biting chill and winds of Fall come but for me it is the opposite, I relish that. Summer and the heat actually makes me depressed. 

I have seen pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn since the last week of August and I did try very hard not to feel the pull of them when at the store this week but I could not resist. These are a few of my favorites.

Thankfully I was able to run from the candy corns. For a person that loves sugar as much as I do I just could not get a bag, I would have eaten half of them before I got home. 

I have also been baking up a storm and trying out new pumpkin recipes. I never tire of the taste of pumpkin, I really think I could eat it everyday, along with my other staples of grilled cheese, pizza and pasta. Sadly my husband does not share my enthusiasm for that diet. 

Tell me, what are you plans for the weekend? Will you be baking, reading a good book, doing a little work, traveling, spending time with family and friends?

I hope that you enjoy your time whatever you do!

And if a chill sets in and you would like to try a little something different that I hope you try this Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate. I made this last year and it is scrumptious! 


  1. Pumpkin, love it! I made a squash ravioli with a pumpkin sauce last night for dinner. It was like getting a bite of fall in each fork full. We grow sugar pumpkins for baking but I need to go buy some white and green pumkins for decorating the front porch.

    Enjoy your weekend Elizabeth!

  2. Oh Irina told me about your pumpkin white chocolate recipe...I gotta run and try this....I LOVE THIS SEASON TOO dear friend! And thank you SO MUCH for your current support and ideas....I will do it later today. BISOUS! Anita

  3. I bet your house smells devine with all that pumpkin in the air! Yes fall is here too and I have to say I am loving the change in weather, the leaves are just starting to far my favorite season.
    This weekend we are having a family housewarming party for 50 so I am going to be awfully busy.........Sunday hope to "veg out" and pick on leftovers:) Hope you enjoy yours!

  4. I am sooo with love love fall! I have to steer clear of the candy corn, it is certainly addicting and I love all things pumpkin.
    Happy weekend!

  5. I do love fall, but not the cold. I love pumpkin anything, too and need to do some baking. Have a great weekend.

  6. I just love the fall that nip in the air and the smells. I get so happy when it comes. Love the pumpkins. They are very pretty.


  7. Scrumptious, indeed! ;)
    I am so happy for Fall is misty and cool and a bit gray today..oh yeah!
    Thinking about you, dear friend, as I get teeny snippets of time here and there at the computer.
    Can't wait to catch up on all of your posts this weekend!
    Have a great one, beautiful friend!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  8. Hi Elizabeth,
    Oh no, you just reminded me how much I love candy corn. Unfortunately we can't get it here. The other thing I really miss, for some strange reason, is cherry nibs. I used to go through sacks of those babies :-)

  9. Hi Elizabeth - you are not helping my diet. Now I crave candy corn and pumpkin pie white hot chocolate! I love fall too but it's already been so cold and summer never got here / : When we lived in Houston though, I remember always doing the happy dance when Sept. parted and Oct. arrived. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the reminder that Fall is wonderful!
    x Deb

  10. Pumpkins are on my list this weekend and I am hoping to hunt out some pale coloured knarly examples. Heres wishing you a wonderful weekend Elizabeth.

  11. I've been feeling the pull of Autumn, too. In fact, I made pumpkin soup today, and it was so good.

    Enjoy the season.


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