Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love Patina and Patina Style

What is your style story? What do you like? Modern, Traditional, Eclectic? 

Are you a person who enjoys things, be they books with worn leather bindings, or old, weathered paintings with carved frames, or even a set of beautiful transfer ware with crazing and some chips? Items with a sense of history or tradition, or a story?

Do you like to change things up or find the perfect item and then consider the room finished?

 I have always had an traditional sense of style in my decorating. I love the layered look of old European homes and I have found that as I age I am drawn more and more to the patina of objects. When I pick them up I can almost feel their history, and I find myself thinking of the people who used each item. Where did it come from? Where did they use it?  

I like to keep the main pieces in the room and change up the paintings, the pillows, and the accessories. 

Lately I seem to be finding a lot of things to change up in the house; I think I had better stay away from One Kings Lane, the antique stores and my blog friends Etsy stores. 

If you are a fan of decorating and collected style than you should take a look at Patina Style written by Brooke and Steve Giannetti of the beautiful blog Velvet and Linen

I never tire of reading this book, I find something inspiring on each page. 

Above Three Images From Patina Style via Veranda Magazine

This is one of my favorite design books. Are you a follower and fan of Brooke and Steve? If not you should check out their blog and follow along as they build their dream house Patina Farm.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Elizabeth, I love vintage too. An item not matter what it is, with a past, and uniqueness. I have 2 personalities, I love mid-century modern, but I'm also drawn toward eclectic. A home that has a great mix & looks like it's not been designed all at once to be is ultimate design. Just like you said, the old European homes that have evolved over decades. Have a lovely weekend and I must check out Steve and Brooke's book!

  2. THIS is a great book! I won it from someone's blog, and my home is strewn with beautiful traces of patina. One fond item came from YOU MY FRIEND.....

    Have a splendid day! Anita

  3. Oh, dear friend, I am a mixture of styles, but I do love patina very much.
    And I saw this beautiful book at dear Anita's, but next time I will take a closer look. I really don't know why I'm not following this is so to follow now!
    Thank you for stopping by, dearest Elizabeth, I am often thinking of you! I hope your weekend is blissful, my friend. Has it been cooling down a bit more? We are in full swing Autumn...
    Much love,
    - Irina

  4. It seems we like many of the same things and the same look. I do usually keep the basics of my rooms the same once I get them the way I want, but I do add some seasonal touches.


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