Thursday, September 27, 2012

Karen Burke BF Equine Bag by Bravura: A Great Gift Idea

Hello! Happy Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend. I have so many plans I am getting antsy. I have been droning on lately about Fall because I absolutely love it, but I also LOVE the holiday season just as much. 

In fact I am one of those people that Christmas shop early (I am already finished), wrap all of their gifts and bake for friends the last two weeks of November (I bake for 5 families) and decorate on Thanksgiving afternoon. 

I like to get everything done early so that I can enjoy the month of December. I want to relax, go to the Nutcracker, see family, attend parties and all of the rest of the things associated with the holidays. 

The reason I mention this is because there are fabulous treasures to be be purchased for gifts and I do not want you to miss out on them. 

If you are looking for something special you need only look as far as our blog friends stores and Etsy. I recently found the most wonderful store on Etsy and I want you to know about it too.

I actually found it a few weeks ago while paging through Victoria Magazine; which I purchased because of the stunning Fall arrangement on the front cover and the headline, "Scotland Splendor" two subjects that I am quite fond of. 

Inside the magazine there was a beautiful photo shoot titled "Equestrian Elan" and spread over several pages, were picnic hampers, monogram stationary, wellies and a bag that stopped me in my tracks. Many of these items would make great Christmas gifts. 

Bag in photo above
I immediately checked the sources and found that the bag is a Karen Burke BF Equine Utility Bag by Bravura from Etsy. I could not get to my computer fast enough to order this bag. It arrived a couple of days later and it is even more stunning in person than on the page of a magazine.

I took a few photos so that I could show you the beauty and quality of this bag, just in case you want to purchase something for yourself or friends and family. 

The packaging is amusing as the bag comes packaged in tissue paper and a straw like cushion. 

The bag itself is wool on the outside, canvas on the inside and has leather handles and straps to keep it closed. 

The hardware is durable and compliments the bag nicely. 

What do you think?

I love it! 

I also received this key chain with a thank you attached, it is a great compliment to the bag or unique on its own.  Karen uses her background in graphics and printing to make each piece special. 

I hope that you go to Karen Burke for Bravura on Etsy and see all of her beautiful creations. 

In addition to the bag I purchased there are key chains, totes, tea towels and more.

Image Karen Burke Etsy

Image Etsy

The shop is actually looking a little sparse since I ordered my bag; as I checked it today there is a note that the article in Victoria Magazine has been quite a success for Karen and to drop in again soon as she is working to replenish her wares.  

Image Etsy

Image Etsy

Image Etsy

Image Etsy

Do you feel like shopping for Christmas now? Or is September 27th still too early? Remember the early bird catches the worm.

Enjoy your day!


  1. What a gorgeous bag. Love the design and all her things. I have to go check out Karen's site. Thanks for sharing . Thanks also for stopping by with your lovely comment. It means a lot to me.


    1. Jody, the photos do not do this bag justice. It is beautiful in person, and finely crafted. I hope that many more people find Karen and support her and her shop.

      Thank you for stopping your pumpkins.


  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    What a very captivating and very tempting post! Your bag is, most certainly, lovely and we are sure will give you a great deal of pleasure as well as good service.

    1. Lance and Jane,

      I have already used this lovely bad and indeed you are correct it is giving me a great deal of pleasure as well as service by holding everything that I need and think I may need while out and about.

      Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts, Elizabeth

  3. Hello dear friend,
    Lovely to see your comment when I woke this morning. I have been such a bad blogger lately. I just don't seem to be able to find the time to fit it in lately. Life is hectic, and life is GOOD! I still have a giveaway to arrange with Sookie involved, why did I come up with that idea? :-)

    Anyway, I loved reading your post. We are soul sisters, I know it for sure. I could have written this myself. Our love for this time of year, Scotland, Christmas, we are so alike. What a great find your Etsy store. I have to check this out. It looks fantastic.

    I have'nt finished my Christmas shopping yet but I am well on the way. I think of you a lot lately. I am watching a BBC series called "The Great British Bake Off" you would love it.

    Enjoy your weekend my dear friend.
    Much Love

    1. Hello my dear,

      I a, sure that we are soul sisters and cannot wait for us to meet, hopefully next year in Scotland! This year the Scotland trip was canceled but Paris is still on.

      I am sure that you are busy, you have been having some lovely adventures, you have your store your boat and helping your beautiful Meg.

      I am looking forward to Sookies giveaway!

      Take care, xx Elizabeth

  4. Ahhh! I NEED A HORSE ITEM! I LOVE that key chain or any horse themed object....what a lovely shop; I must check it out!! GOOD MORNING DEAREST!!! Anita

    1. Hello my dear friend! How are you? I hope you are creating magic today in your heart, mind and studio!

      xo Elizabeth

  5. Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for showing us all those wonderful goodies from Karen. I especially love the bag, perfect for Autumn and I can think of a few friends I know who would love it. I'm heading off to look at Karen's Etsy store right now. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Daphn, I do hope you find something that you like from Karen. She creates beautiful things!

      Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  6. Done your Christmas shopping? I'm impressed. I haven't started, although I'm not a procrastinator. I usually start around mid-November, and wrap things up around the first week in December. I like leaving the time around Christmas as calm as possible so I can relax and enjoy!

  7. Elizabeth, Your new bag is wonderful. I need a bit of a chill in the air before I can get into the Christmas shopping mood. We do go out and cut our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Besides I have someone in my house who can get very inquisitive..... Enjoy your treats!

  8. Funny, I subscribe to Victoria
    and I have yet to crack the cover,
    as I've just been too busy! Must,
    must do ASAP!!

    I try to shop all year for gifts and
    stocking stuffers. My cache is not
    yet as full as it needs to be, so I need
    to get busy. Thanks for the {kick in
    the pants} er, inspiration!

    I adore that bag. Off to check out
    her shop....thanks for the tip!!

    xo Suzanne

  9. I bought that bag too right after I saw it in the magazine. I got it for my daughter-in-law who teaches horse back riding lessons. It is more beautiful in person!


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