Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Laudree and Lanvin Bubblegum Macarons

Image Lanvin

 I love sweets and I love macarons. But I have to be honest I am not too sure about trying a bubblegum flavored one on my next trip to Laudree. I am partial to the chocolate and the pistachio.

Image Lanvin

It was announced yesterday,  that the iconic house of  Lanvin, has collaborated with Laudree to create a limited addition box and bubblegum flavored macaron. 

All Images Lanvin

Fashion direction Elber Albaz of Lanvin worked hand in hand with the confectionery company to come up with the bubblegum flavored macarons. 

All Images LAnvin

In addition, Albaz designed the whimsical box which will contain 8 macarons and will make its debut on September 25 in France for Paris Fashion week. 

Image Lanvin

But don't worry, if you are not a fan of bubblegum you can try out one of the limited edition Magnolia Bakery cupcakes made for Fashions Night Out which starts tomorrow. The cupcake is a chocolate cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs. One dollar from each cupcake will be donated to the New York City Aids Fund.

Image Here
I will be honest, if it was a contest between the two I would go with the cupcake!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I love macarons but who doesn't but I'm with you I don't think I would try a bubblegum flavored one and would go with the cupcakes.

    I read all your questions on my blog so just for you I will do a post on the few textiles I found this show but next post not the one coming up since that's half done. Wait until you see the gems I found!


  2. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! Well, when one hears BUBBLEGUM, one readily thinks of that overly sugared, HARD substance that is very unpleasant to chew (even as a kid, I hated bubblegum!) but HERE in our town, we have a fabulous ice cream HOUSE that makes a bubblegum ice cream that EVERYONE LOVES. I am not one for sweets, but I am willing to guess that Ladurée and its associates will come up with a chic and mellow version of this childhood fantasy!

    ENJOY! Anita

  3. Yuck, I can't think of anything worse than a bubble gum flavoured macaroon. How to cheapen an iconic delicacy, make it in bubble gum flavour, that's how!
    Much Love

  4. What a perfect collaboration. I love both! Hope alls well.....wishing you a fabulous day Elizabeth:)

  5. Me too...cupcake! But, I must admit that I'm curious about the bubblegum flavor ;)
    Oh, and have you seen the new issue of Victoria magazine?
    All about the British Isles and Scotland! Beautiful...
    - Irina


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