Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Queen to Play: Movie Review

I am not sure why, but lately I have been watching a lot of movies; perhaps I am already getting into my "winter nesting" mode?

Whatever the case, I am very particular about what I will watch; I do not like anything scary and I want to be entertained or to learn something. If my husband is watching with me he usually likes action adventure movies. We have never met a Bond or a Borne we did not like. 

My favorite sorts of movies are period dramas, documentaries, romance, and foreign films. For many years a good friend and I would spend every Sunday night at the movies. We would see the latest arty movie and then go for margaritas and talk for hours. Now that I have moved away we do not get to do it very often and I miss it. 

Last night, although I was without my good friend I watched Queen to Play, the type of film typically on our list. Queen to Play is a great movie, it stars Kevin Klein (in his first French speaking role) and Sandrine Bonnaire and is directed by Caroline Bottaro. 

Helene is a repressed wife, mother and maid in Corsica, that seems to be searching for something more in her life. One day while cleaning the room of a couple at the hotel where she works, Helene watches them play chess on the balcony and wonders about the game and the intimacy it seems to create for the couple. So for her husbands birthday she buys him an electronic set, and although he is indifferent to her gift she begins to teach herself chess after her family goes to bed at night and in turn awakens something in herself. She approaches her client Dr. Kroger (Klein) to see if he would help her advance her game.  He is a persnickety American, whose wife has died and has a reputation in town as a recluse. At first he is reluctant but soon he sees that she has talent and they begin weekly lessons. 

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As always I do not want to give too much away in case you want to watch. As I said, I really enjoyed the movie and I particularly liked Kevin Klein, it was hard to believe that this was his first French speaking role. He was fabulous! And Sandrine Bonnaire plays Helene beautifully, you see her blossom from a sad maid into a beautiful chess player. 

Have you seen any good movies lately either at the theater or home? I would love to hear a few suggestions so don't be shy, remember nothing scary though. 

I hope you enjoy a wonderful day!


  1. Queen to Play sounds wonderful, must put it on my list. Last weekend in London we watched We Bought a Zoo. I cried most of the way through, absolutely lovely and heartwarming. I highly recommend it.

    Have you seen The Londoner's Whopper Brownies - right up your street :-)

  2. This sounds right up my ally! I am getting it TONIGHT! (I also have a brief obsession with chess)......sounds great and I am a big Kevin Kline fan. Emperors Club is the last thing I saw him in (own it and have seen it many times) he is fantastic. I am a bit out of the movie loop.....but come winter its a regular activity so I look forward to catching up!

  3. This is the PERFECT weather to start hunkering down my friend! I miss you....I have not seen you around....this is a busy time for you. Be well and enjoy this quiet time! Anita

  4. I don't watch much TV or movies except when the husband is away. I definitely want to see this one, I love Kevin Kline and this movie is right up my ally. Like you I won't watch scary movies but I'm pretty open to anything else. We happen to own all the Bourne movies since the husband watches those every winter.


  5. Dear Elizabeth
    TYSM for reaching out over on my blog and for the lovely thoughtful comments you made; I can't tell you how much I appreciated them. I hope you won't be a stranger over on my blog ;-)
    Well, I haven't had much time to watch any good films lately. Having been away from the UK for 12 years and "suffering" Spanish TV, I am really enjoying some of the TV dramas that are on TV at the moment. But I will certainly check out your recommendation as I love Kevin Klein.
    P.s am now following also xx

  6. The movie sounds wonderful. I fell in love with Kevin Klein the first time I watched "The Big Chill" (still one of my favorite all time movies).

  7. This sounds like a movie I would love. Thanks for the tip/


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