Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rockstar Ronan

I had another post prepared for today but it seems trivial and inconsequential after finding my way to a blog named Rockstar Ronan.

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I had never heard of Ronan, until I heard the new Taylor Swift song, Ronan on the radio. The announcer noted that it was about a little boy who lost his battle with childhood cancer and that the songs lyrics were inspired by a blog written by his mom. 

Last night I went in search of this blog and I have to tell you it is honest, raw and heartbreaking. Especially the post titled, Love Letter to Taylor Swift

 The blog is written by Ronan's mom Maya Thompson, and began as an online journal of Ronan's diagnosis and fight to beat Neuroblastoma. Sadly this beautiful little boy lost his life after an eight month battle with cancer.  Maya continues to write the blog but each entry is now written to her son as she seeks a way to come to terms with his passing.

Images from Rockstar Ronan

I spent a couple of  hours on this blog and I cried my eyes out, not only for the loss of this beautiful little boy, but for the family left behind.  

Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children. 
46 kids are diagnosed with cancer 
 7 die each day. 
These are staggering statistics. 

If you are interested in helping you can make donations to the 

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Hug your kids, your husband, your family and friends today and let them know you love them!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with the Ronan Thompson Foundation, nor do I know this family personally. I was simply touched by this beautiful face and the love of a mother. 


  1. I can not begin to imagine the heart break Elizabeth. Spreading messages like this is so important.
    Best wishes and thank you for all your wonderful birthday messages.
    Jeanne xx

  2. This is hard to take. What a beautiful child, in both photos. I can only believe and HOPE that such a soul is now in the presence of eternal love. Oh Elizabeth, thank you for this reminder. Anita

  3. Elizabeth your post is both beautiful and heartfelt. One cannot look into that precious face/ eyes and not feel the pain of loss. We all need to be reminded how precious life is, and how too often it ends far too soon. Thank you for sharing this precious boys story with us.

  4. OH my gosh Elizabeth, this is heartbreaking yet poignant. What a beautiful little boy. I will say a prayer for his family because that kind of loss I simply cannot imagine. Thank you for sharing this, one child lost to cancer is one too many.


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