Saturday, September 29, 2012

Snail Mail, Do you or Don't You?

Hello! I hope that you are relaxed and having a nice cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or whatever your morning beverage of choice is. Perhaps you are perusing the blogs, and the morning paper while planning your weekend?

I have lots of plans and as I mentioned the list is so long I fear I will not finish it all. But I guess "tomorrow is another day." 

 In addition to baking some bread, making a pot of soup, working a little, and running a bunch of errands, I have some letters to write.

Do you write letters? Or do you prefer to communicate by email, text, tweet, Facebook or Skype?

 I am a great fan of "snail mail". I have boxes of letters from my husband, my parents who wrote faithfully while I was away at school or doing my internships, letters from my grandparents (although my grandfather never actually wrote anything he just signed), my sisters, brother and friends. 

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I have always loved to get the mail, in case there was a letter or a postcard from friends or family. In fact I still smile when I get a handwritten letter, it makes me very happy to think that someone took the time to sit down and pen me a letter or card.

Image Pine Cones and Acorns 

Recently I purchased two bundles of letters at an estate sale and when I glance at the bundles I see a dying form of communication.

Image Pine Cones and Acorns
It makes me sad to think that there maybe a time when people do not mail letters. Can you even imagine?

As I type this I am reminded of a favorite book and then later a movie,  84 Charring Cross Rd. Have you seen or read it? The story of a friendship between strangers told through their letters from London and New York. 

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I would love to know if you are a fan of "snail mail." Do you write, like to receive good old fashioned hand written letters? Do you save letters from special people?

I am off to run errands, and then come home to bake bread, while it is proofing I will be sitting with my antique writing desk, my fountain pen and writting letters. 

Enjoy your day!

Oh, if you would like something scrumptious made with the flavors of the season come to visit my other blog,  Once Upon a Chocolate Life. I made Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares, and there are delicious and easy to put together. 

And if you do love mail and mail art check out this post on the Suburban Pen Pal , a few weeks ago. The Suburban Pen Pal Blog is a work of art. 


  1. Love your images and the idea but sadly I think we are going to end up with digital substitutes. Maybe something better than plain email?.. Have a great week!

  2. I love letters...and I am blessed that my family were hoarders of all things written...I have oodles and oodles of family history wrapped up in the large quantity of family letters I have inherited. I pray that letter writing never my husband works for the post office and he needs his job ;)

  3. You sound like me,......born in the wrong era. There are many things that seem to be fading that I dont' want to see go...letter writing being one. I dont' write often but still see the redeeming qualities to an old fashioned thank you handwritten card and in fact thats on my to do list this weekend..........I love getting them and love writing them....nothing beats them!
    I am glad I am not alone....enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh dearest heart,

    I LOVE TO WRITE LETTERS, and yet I find no time these days to do it! And here I am, in the "business" of selling GREETING CARDS! I used to write letters to my half sister who only lived 4 blocks away from me....I loved having pen pals as a child and now with the internet, I so love to correspond with you all. But letter writing has become so rare for me. I did however, send ONE letter early this week that required I walk all the way to the post office and it was FUN, a rare thing, and very special.

    Have a super day, cooking, baking and getting all of your goals accomplished! Anita

  5. It's a shame people don't write more because I too love receiving a hand written letter. I mainly write postcards when I'm away and still write a hand written letter to two older family members because they don't have computers.

    Enjoy your weekend Elizabeth!

  6. Elizabeth, I not only enjoy writing letters, but also love receiving them. I am afraid it has become a lost art. We have become impatient for our answers. Do you remember pen pals? I always returned from camp with an notebook book full of addresses of those I wanted to stay in contact with. I love sending postcards when I travel. Handwritten thank you notes are still a must. I hope you get everything accomplished so you may rest and read tomorrow.

  7. Hello Elizabeth, I absolutely adore writing letters. Both my daughters are great "letter writers" (I know very bad English, but that's what we call ourselves.)
    but I have to say as we live so far apart, we also write emails. Often I will write a letter or a card, just for the shear love of it and I know the girls love receiving the letters.Like the previous comment, hand written thank you cards is something both my daughters and I write, but I'm sad to say it's seems to be a dying art, due to email and texting. I must add, 84 Charing Cross Road is a wonderful film, it is my eldest daughter's favourite film.I hope you managed to do everything you wanted to do. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

  8. Hello Elizabeth

    I write to my youngest brother frequently and to my siblings on their birthdays and at Christmas time. Like you and your readers I love receiving handwritten letters. I have saved letters from my late parents and late sister and these I treasure and re-read with frequency.

    I hope your weekend was fruitful and joyful
    Helen xx

  9. I ADORE snail mail and have my own cards...if only I were free to send more of them...Bless you for keeping it alive..

  10. I love snail mail. So rare to revive these days though. Usually all my postman brings me is marketing/advertising/threatening mail. You owe us this, you've subscribed to that, ring this number to claim your free something. I'm sick of it. We live n a world where greeting the postman has turned into, oh no the post is here.

    Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend.

  11. Always, always will love "real mail". When I see something handwritten, I feel that bit of the soul comes along with the card or letter.
    Beautiful post, dear friend...will read the book, and I am off to see this blog you mention.
    Those pumpkin yummies look spectacular...
    Big hugs,
    - Irina


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