Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Hours and The Bright Side of Life

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Hello! It's Friday! I am always excited on Fridays because the promise of a lazy evening and then a "lie in" on Saturday makes all of the trials and tribulations of the week seem worth it.

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I am feeling a little better, I am at least walking upright, but not without pain. For the last two days I have been walking like this little guy on the left, although not with my knuckles on the ground, they were rubbing my lower back.

The bright side is that I have taken it easy at night and I have been watching a few movies, mostly French. Last night I watched Summer Hours or L'Heure d'Ete and I found it fascinating.

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The movie tells the story of Helen and her three children who come together to celebrate her 75 birthday. While enjoying a summer day with the family Helen finds time with each of her children to bring up her passing and what will happen to the family's  beautiful country house and its valuable art and rare furnishings. 

The movie is actually produced by the Musee d'Orsay and it features prominently in the movie as its curators help to dispose of Helen's art and furniture and to help the family avoid the large estate taxes. There are some beautiful scenes filmed in the museum as well as behind the scenes in the restoration area. In addition there are some spectacular pieces from the museums own collections which are featured in the movie.

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I think it is an interesting concept to have the Musee d' Orsay produce movies, what a fabulous way to advertise the museum! Not to mention to show works of art and furniture from the museum collections and to feature them as if they were characters themselves. 

If you have not seen the movie I give it two thumbs up. If you have seen it, what did you think of it?

I hope my friends that you have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your family, friends and yourselves!


  1. Very sad to hear about your back Elizabeth...I know that feeling. Sounds like you are doing all the right things, mainly watching excellent cinema. I always like your style! I hope the pain killers are settling in and you are feeling some recovery. Take it easy...enjoy the weekend the best you can. I have a feeling you know exactly what to do!
    Best wishes....Jeanne xx

  2. I'm so sorry about your back Elizabeth, seems like a lot of that is going around I just torked mine a few minutes ago sneezing! I hope you feel better quickly and are up and moving about. This movie looks like the perfect one for me and I'm going to see if I can get it for tomorrow night. Feel better and never fear I'll get all your questions answered about my textiles!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Good morning dear friend!

    I have not seen this French movie, but I have many others that are just fabulous. My favorites are Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle, RED WHITE AND BLUE, Caché, The Dinner Hour, Madame Bovary, Monsieur Hire....the list goes on and on.....

  4. Elizabeth, I sympathize as I have a bad back and have to be careful. I hope you feel better soon and that you are sitting with your feet up and taking care of yourself. This movie sounds fantastic and I remember when it was out and never got around to seeing it. Thanks for the great recommendation and have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Dear Elizabeth -
    I'm sorry to hear about your back pain. Once in a while, I get a bit of back ache. Usually Motrin and a hot bath will help. Take care, and do nothing this weekend! Will put this movie on my list.....especially love movies in the fall and winter.

  6. First of all...I am very relieved that at least you are not hunched over anymore. I know that feeling, oh dear.
    So many wonderful comments here, and I will join these kind friends in saying...please relax and rest...praying that you will be feeling much better very, very soon, dearest Elizabeth.
    And this sounds like such a wonderful always have delicious recommendations...
    Take care, dear friend!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  7. I must get that movie...sounds wonderful! I am so glad you are feeling a little better, hopefully you will just take it easy over the weekend. I love foreign movies and some of the best movies I have ever seen are foreign, love the storylines which are authentic stories that have meaning behind them, sans all the blood, profanity and special effects that Hollywood has become known for. This one sounds great..have you seen Little White Lies?
    Feel well Elizabeth!

  8. Elizabeth, I have been away...I am so sorry you have been suffering with back pain. I hope a restful weekend has been the healing prescription. The movie sounds wonderful! Thanks for the suggestion.


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