Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Relaxing Fall Day

Fall has well and truly arrived! Our temperature dropped over twenty degrees in one day. 

So this weekend before any more erratic weather arrived I took a minute between baking bread and sweets to enjoy a cup of tea and a few magazines. 

Don't you just love sitting with a breeze wafting by, the falling leaves sailing gently to the ground and the faint smell of a wood fire burning?

I loved it! It was so peaceful and just what I have been longing for all of these long, hot summer months. 

I am looking forward to a few more weeks of these temps and time to take a minute to enjoy the fall color before all of the leaves blow off the trees. 

Tell me, what is your favorite part of Fall?  In addition to the change in weather, do you think it is our change in attitude?  A general slowing down and our bodies perhaps getting ready to hibernate after the frenetic pace of summer?

Whatever it is, I think we can all use a little rest after the extreme heat, crazy fires, droughts, hurricanes and any other thing that Mother Nature has thrown our way these past months. 

After a few weeks of this we can all begin the preparation for lots of family time and holiday celebrations.  I am looking forward to that too.  

I realize this post is not really about anything, but sometimes real life is just about enjoying the simple pleasures.

Thank you for the Birthday wishes for both my mother and husband, your kind comments meant a lot to both of them and to me.

Enjoy your day!


  1. So pretty! Your fall decor looks warm and welcoming :)

    As the temps cool and the season changes, it's a great time to edit and reflect. I can't think of a better way to do this that snuggling up on one of your chairs with a hot mug of coffee or tea!


  2. A Happy Birthday to your dear hubby as well, my friend!
    I am so glad for you that it feels like Fall again...and what a treat to get a glimpse of your beautiful and cozy home.
    I think I love Fall for all of those reasons..
    And I love a good excuse to cuddle up with books, magazines, tea, hot chocolate, blog land, and my favorite cuddly people! :))
    Sending love to you, dear Elizabeth...enjoy!!
    - Irina

  3. You so have the right idea!! Your front porch is so pretty and charming and yes I too am really enjoying this drop in the temps...a welcome cool change. I call it the cozy season and I love nothing more than finding an excuse to stay home, cook up something wonderful and hearty and indulging in a great book or movie while I smell the aroma of coffee brewing..now THAT'S what I call a perfect day..oh no does this mean I am getting old? LOL!

  4. Morning Elizabeth,
    You say your post isn't really about anything but you are wrong, it's about everything important. Resting, time for introspection, relaxation, enjoyment, what else in life is important. This time of year speaks volumes to this Pagan soul. Everything worth working for happens this time of year. Abundance, harvest, celebration and rest. How much better can it get. Keep your home fire burning, take in that smell, a deep breath and relax! Enjoy your down time dear friend.
    Much love

  5. Good morning my dear!

    I love everything about this season from the clothes, the food, the aroma of a fireplace burning as I go outside and the rustle of the heaps of leaves in our yards. Indeed, it is a time to slow down.

    THANK YOU for everything my dear.....EVERYTHING. Anita

  6. Elizabeth, it seems I love so many of the same things you do about Autumn. It is just a feel good time of year.♥

  7. I love everything, the porch is so warm and I could cuddle under that blanket and read those magazines and have some tea. Beautiful post


  8. As my husband says...sometimes it's the little things! I want to look at some autumn magazines and start feathering the nest before the holidays!

    Ricki Jill

  9. Oh, I like your transferware cup and saucer :) And your wonderful throw. Very autumnal.

    Was thinking about you last night as we watched on Netflix "The Way." Tom and I thought it was good....a bit heavy and emotional, but we enjoyed it. Also, it was a bit long. We've never been to those parts of Spain and France....beautiful. Thanks for featuring this movie here.

  10. Elizabeth your porch is absolutely enchanting. What a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the first weeks of fall. You've even taunted me with the latest issue of Canadian House & Home, which I cannot get here! Like you I adore Autumn. I remember being so excited to wear sweaters again. Living here, I never take them off. Fall has always been a reminder that there are so many wonderful times ahead with the holidays. You've brought back some great memories, thank you! xx Have a wonderful rest of this week : )

  11. A quick note to thank you for the recommendation for the movie, "The Way." I watched it Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it!


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