Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to School at MoMA

Image MOMA Vincent Van Gogh
Did I ever mention that I went to school FOREVER, partly because I thought I would earn a PhD and be the next Condoleezza Rice and party because I love to learn  new things? I am a collector of information (in fact one summer as a teenager I even set out the read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica) and a life long student. 

Which is why I was very excited to see that beginning February 25, 2013 you can take art classes online at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

There are several courses to choose from, Modern Art 1880-1945Modern and Contemporary Art 1945-1989Experimenting with Collage, and more. Each class runs between 5 and 10 weeks and you can take them self guided or instructor led. If you are interested in any of these classes, register early, they always sell out!

All image MoMA

In addition to the MoMA, there are classes offered in person and online at several other museums, such as The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, where I spent many Saturdays learning about mummies, and Egyptology, The British Museum, and The Smithsonian to name just a few. 

Do you take any online classes? Or adult education classes at the museums and universities in your area? I would love the hear about the classes that you taking, I may be interested in something new.

I hope you have a great day!


  1. I share some of that thrist for knowledge, Elizabeth. And I get it honestly my dad at 75 is back in school!! Going for a third degree, taking accounting and business law!!!! Got his first grade back yesterday and the roles were reversed,I was gushing over his A+!! I was the proud "parent" You are never too old to stop learning and theres so much to learn, knowledge really IS power.
    I applied to and was accepted to a very sought after online program last year but declined to do it as I know it was commitment to not be taken lightly even though it was online and it was right before our move,etc....I made the right decision. However if life ever slows down I would like to do it....think it would be fun to try, always wondered what it would be like. Its such a fabulous resource for people who cannot physically get out to a school. I look forward to hearing whats in your future!


    I hope that one day, you will be able to finish your Ph.D....or did you? I know you are an incredible researcher and you have helped me immensely. I now have the feature at the bottom of my post!

    There are so many classes I would love to take. Since my husband is a prof at a local university, I took advantage of the free tuition offered to me, so ONE of my licensures was earned there, for free. But I am thinking of going back for a degree in either English lit or in some sort of linguistics...BECAUSE I LOVE IT!

    Have a fabulous day my dear. Anita

  3. I have never taken any online classes, but I'd love to take one through the MoMA!!!

  4. Good Morning Elizabeth, what an active lady you are and what an inspiration. I have taken classes to learn Greek also to learn quilting, but this was a little while ago. I had intended learning the guitar, then my blog took over and for me, at the moment, is a huge learning curve, but we find our own levels. Out of interest, did you finish reading the Encyclopedia Britannica, if so what an achievement. Have a wonderful day today. Best Wishes Daphne

  5. I have two degrees but always think it's important to work your brain and keep on learning. I've taken many classes online since it's a great way to learn about things you're interested in and at your own pace. Sometimes life gets busy but it's never to busy to learn.


  6. Elizabeth, that is amazing...I had no idea they offered online classes!
    And you, my friend, are an inspiration...
    I really believe in lifelong learning. I think one is blessed to see how exciting and fascinating is the world around us.
    We have yet another thing in common...I love to read Encyclopedias! ;)
    Are you going to take any of the museum classes?
    Big hugs, and happy learning, dear friend...
    - Irina

  7. Wow - the classes look amazing - I should sign up so I can keep up with my daughter who is an art history major! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Elizabeth, I must say each day when I read your post I think to myself, oh my, we have so much in common (I suspect I am a bit or more older and you considerably brighter). Although I did not pursue a PhD, nor did I ever set out to read a complete set of encyclopedias, I did write research papers which were never assigned. Some consider this sick, I know. I have always thought it would be grand to be a professional student. I am doing exactly what I have always wanted. I get to go into school each day and introduce children to the joys of discovery.

    Personally, I pretty much think you should aim for the President's office. Enjoy the rest of your autumn week. Bonnie


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