Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate? Mug or Cup?

I was wondering this morning as I went about the ritual of preparing my beverage of choice, hot chocolate of course, if anyone had the same problem as I, and that is which cup to use? Is there one cup which is  better  for coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

I realized that I choose my cup depending upon my mood. I have some cups which make me happier than others. I know it probably sounds a little strange but I do think it is true what they say about life, it is all about the simple pleasures, and picking a cup from my cabinet gives me a smile.

For instance on a grey, rainy day, a mug is best for a big cup of tea or hot chocolate to take the chill out of my bones and to accompany me as I sit with a stack of magazines or at my desk working. And a statement like the one on the mug above makes a little free time a celebration and serves to remind me that life is all about the little things.

On winter days I like a bit of whimsy to start me off with a smile.

And on days that I am feeling a little nostalgic or lonely, I like to use tea cups or mugs that remind me of the special people in my life. Perhaps we purchased the china together on an adventure or it was passed down from family. 

What about you? What is your morning beverage of choice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate? How do you take it? In a mug, a cup, an insulated cup to go? Or perhaps your ritual is to head out to your local coffee house?

Do you take pleasure in the ritual or is it just a morning pick me up? 

Whatever the case I hope you enjoy a cuppa and have a fabulous day!


  1. Ooh, you made me realize I do have many cups with many different feelings toward them. I have my morning mug from Anthropologie, and then a travel mug for the school runs. I have a cute weekend mug with a little bright birdcage on it. I'm a tea drinker but my husband makes me yummy cappuccinos on the weekends :)

  2. Love every single choice!! I typically reach for my extra large mug which literally holds the equivalent to 3 or 4 mugs, I kid you not! And its always cofee for me.....ahhh nothing quite like it! I mix french vanilla with half Peets or Starbucks french roast and that heavenly brew is the very first thing I make sure I have when I wake up. When I have people over I go for teacups but I am a mug girl at home every morning....hope you have a wonderful day Elizabeth!

  3. I’m a cappuccino gal every single morning and I have two favorite mugs that I like the drink from for plenty of foamed milk. After I hike Dylan in the mornings and if it’s cold out like this morning I go for hot chocolate in a mug. Actually I don’t have any cups just mugs since we like to fill them up!

    Enjoy your day Elizabeth!

  4. Loved seeing all your different 'mood' cups. I, too, have many that I love for different reasons. I find myself mostly drinking any beverage from a tea-cup. Like right now, coffee in a little tea-cup. :)

  5. Good Morning Elizabeth, Like you I have a number of cups and mugs. My morning drink is coffee made sometimes in my single cup cafetierre or if it is one of those mornings when I really need more than one cup of coffee then I use my filter machine. I have a beautiful blue and white small mug which I use at weekends as it feels relaxing. During the week I love using a cup and saucer, somehow it makes the coffee experience more enjoyable. Best Wishes Daphne

  6. Such pretty pictures makes me want to go break out my tea set, as I sit here with my mug of coffee. I did try Kusmi tea for the first time yesterday (a free sample in my monthly Birchbox) and it was excellent, so maybe I can start a ritual of tea. Have a beautiful day!!

  7. Hi, Elizabeth ~
    I love all your cups and mugs! My favorites are the transferware cups and saucers. I collect English transferware....have it in blue and white. Unfortunately, I am very busy during the weekdays and will buy coffee or tea at the local bakery or starbucks. Weekends, I get to have some fun and select from our vintage creamware, transfereware, or ironstone sets. And, I prefer cups over mugs :)

  8. Tea alway a cup, Hot chocolate and coffee a mug. Have a great day!


  9. I like a cup of coffee in the morning, but I only drink my morning cup at home on the weekends. And, I do have a favorite cup, but it is my favorite for all hot drinks - coffee, tea or hot cocoa.♥

    I love all of your cups, Elizabeth.

  10. Elizabeth, you have the most beautiful collection of cups and mugs. My favorite is the pitcher and cup with the winter scene. Where did you get that? I would love to add that to my collection. I agree with you, the choice of cup makes a difference and depends on my mood. It is fun to have choices and to pull out something really special. It turns an ordinary daily ritual into something special.
    I wanted to thank you so much for your lovely comment yesterday. I have a fantasy about all my favorite bloggers getting together and having a party. One day we all should meet. Wouldn't it be fun!
    xxoo Sunday

  11. Very pretty collection! I start with a large mug filled with a dark roast and a splash of half and half. I usually drink tea in the afternoon or evening and like to sip that in a clear mug. Tea cups with saucers are used when I entertain :)

  12. I agree, it's all about the mug you choose for that particular drink.

    1. Wow, beautiful coffee mugs . Thanks for sharing.

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  13. All of yours are so lovely...and I pick by mood as well! Oh yes...I have my mugs, my cups, my transfer ware, the English china...I understand you, my dear!! :)
    And I alternate morning drinks...tea, coffee...chocolat chaud, depending on the temps outside...but when I want to be cozy, only a mug will do!
    - Irina


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