Friday, October 5, 2012

Downton Abbey Prequel?

Hello Friends! How are you on this Friday, almost the weekend, morning? Are you enjoying a little Fall? Or did you get some snow yesterday?

Yes, believe it or not there are a few places in the country that received up to a foot and a half of SNOW! I am still trying to find Fall, it was here for a day and deserted me for Summer again. Oh well, at least I can enjoy hearing about Fall from my family in the Midwest and seeing it all over Pinterest.

I have mentioned that I love Downton Abbey a time or two or perhaps a hundred; sadly we will not see it until January here in the US. I have however heard a tidbit going around that there is talk of a Downton Abbey Prequel?

Julian Fellows has said that he has an idea for a book that will feature the courtship of Cora and Robert, the Earl and Countess of Grantham. If you remember Cora was in love with him and he just married her for her money. 

The time period of Cora and Roberts courtship is a fascinating part of British history. It is when  the "Dollar Princesses", who were the daughters of "new money" in America ( and as such were not invited to be part of the elite old money New York society), came over to Britain with their fortunes, to marry a title and in many cases prop up the fortunes of the aristocracy. 

 Did you know that Winston Churchill's mother was American? And that she was one of the "Dollar Princesses?" By the way, the roughly 350 "dollar princesses" contributed nearly 25 BILLION dollars to the British economy in today's money

As for the prequel, I don't know if we should get too excited  just yet because Julian Fellows has said that any book, plays or shows would have to wait until after Downton Abbey has run its course. That is fine with me, it just means that after Downton we will still have something well written, with great scenery  and historical backdrop to look forward to.

Now, on to the weekend! Do you have some wonderful plans? I hope that whatever you do you enjoy it. You can bet that I will be baking something, as for the rest of the time I have yet to decide. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    We should certainly agree with you that in the past, particularly in Edwardian times, a great many old, established British families were 'saved', so to speak, through marriage to American heiresses who came with large fortunes, often in return for the lure of a title. The Astors were, of course, a very good example of this.

    We are much looking forward this weekend to the arrival of friends from London who will be with us until Monday evening. A somewhat packed weekend is planned! Meanwhile, have a lovely one yourself and enjoy the autumn weather.

  2. So excited for the prequel!! Love Downton. If you dont want to wait until january -

  3. Good morning dear Elizabeth!

    I just saw a photo in Tumblr yesterday of Mary and Matthew in WEDDING ATTIRE from the that tells me that they will be happy! I can't wait for this to come to us!

    How are you? Anita

  4. We got snow!! A few inches, actually! I love Downton Abbey too, I will be sad when it is over. I saw a shirt the other day that said "Save Bates". I want one.

  5. Hello Elizabeth

    There is still Autumn sunshine and colour here in Toronto.
    As mentioned I am attending a supper party this evening and in attendance will be Sue Kenney, who walked El Camino several time and once the entire trail during Winter, here is her web site. I believe there is a movie of her walk being filmed and there is a book on her journey in book stores.

    It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and we celebrate in the country with dinner on the weekend

    Helen xx

  6. Oh, I can hardly wait. Love Downton Abbey.♥

    Jennie Jerome was quite a fascinating lady.

  7. Love, love my
    Downton Abbey,
    so will cross my
    fingers that a prequel
    will happen....

    Have you been watching
    the new Upstairs, Downstairs
    on Masterpiece Classics? If
    not, be sure you do ~ it's really

    Enjoy your weekend, sweet

    xo Suzanne

  8. Love Downton Abbey and enjoyed this post.Thanks


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