Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fishing Floats and Raging Rains

Day 5...still raining, still very windy and now very cold. I am not complaining just filling you in. We are blessed to have come through this storm with power and no problems to either the house or to us. Sadly, I know of many who have not been that lucky. 

As I was cooped up again yesterday I really did not feel like working ( although I have no excuse as I work from home) so I puttered around the house, and found myself taking some photos. 

I am curious, are you a collector? I am but not for hundreds of the same things, just little groupings of things that remind me of something, somewhere or someone. I try not to let my collections get out of hand. So far so good. 

I have had a fascination with Japanese fishing floats ever since I was small. My mom found one when we lived in Alaska (on Kodiak Island) and I have always been drawn to it because every time I see it I wonder where is has been, whose it was and what sorts of tales it could tell. Not to mention it reminds me of all of our happy adventures in Alaska. 

In the last few years I have started collecting a few floats of my own. I have several colors and sizes and all I am sure have a story to tell. 

What do you collect? Books, art, photos? I would love to know and if you have featured your collection on your blog leave a link, I would enjoy reading about it.

I hope you have a good day.
 If the Sally is still battering you be safe and if your have begun the long and arduous task of cleaning up I am praying for you and hope the damage is minimal. 

Thank you to all of you for the kind comments and prayers here on my blog and on my Facebook page, it made the storm a little more bearable. 


  1. Good morning dear Elizabeth!

    As you know, I collect CROWNS! They are placed everywhere in my home and the metal and stones just do something to me; I enjoy mixing elegance with rustic European history. I love these floating balls in AQUA but I have nowhere to put them. I am SO RELIEVED to know that you are safe and sound my friend! So many people are suffering through so much damage and just this morning I saw that 16 people have already lost their lives due to falling trees.

    Be well and I pray this storm STOPS TODAY!! Anita

  2. You have a nice collection. I want some to fill my dough bowl in the summer, but they are so expensive and it will take quite a few.

  3. Elizabeth It is good to hear you remain safe and sound. Sandy is still wrecking havoc throughout the northeast. I am anxious to hear from friends.

    Your collection is so pretty. I adore collections that each piece has its own story. Thanks for sharing. Stay dry and have a good day. Bonnie

  4. So glad you guys are safe.. hopefully the worst has past.

    I like your collection! I have a small group that I use during the holidays. Their reflective nature is perfect for the season.

    I enjoy collecting vintage pieces and blue and white porcelain.

    Stay dry!

  5. Que Deus proteja a todos vocês. Lindas essas bolas de vidro.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  6. Hi Elizabeth - I'm so glad you all are fine. We are, too. Thank goodness! We did sleep in the basement the last 2 nights as there are lots of old and big trees in DC. The winds were scary.

    Love your fishing floats / glass balls. I have a few from Sweden. I use them as decorations to fill my big ceramic bowls at the shop.
    Take care,

  7. Those floats are beautiful! I collect antique books, the older and prettier, the better!! It was one of my first posts, a zillion years ago :)


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