Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 Things I Learned From My Mother Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! 

Today is a very special day for me because it is my moms birthday.  I know there are jokes about growing up to be like your mother but to he honest, I always wanted to be like my mother because she is just like her mother. An incredibly strong, funny, happy person.  

My mother is kind, compassionate, loving, intelligent, and so much more. 

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I wrote about my mom last year on her birthday (Here) and this year I decided to tell you a few things I learned from her over the years. 

10 Things I Learned From My Mother:

1. If you are sick, get up out of bed and go to work; hard work always makes you feel better. Either you will feel better or it will prove you are  really sick, in which case you can stay home the next day. 

2. A little black dress is the MOST essential item in your wardrobe. You can wear it everywhere; a party, to work, a day out, a night in, and it is never out of style. 

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3. Family is the most important things in the world! You move mountains for your family; even jumping in the car with an hour notice and driving 17 hours to say goodbye before they go off to war, only to leave 8 hours later to drive the 17 hours home. 

4. If you want to have a serious discussion with someone invite them for a ride in the car, that way you can say all you want and they cannot get out.

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5. Everything can be solved with a cup of cocoa, a bowl of macaroni and a therapist. 

6. A book is a passport to the world. Read often and as much as you can (even if you have to bring the book to work and read in the bathroom...caution, this should only be done if you work for your family).

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7. Never stop learning. Education is one of the keys to happiness, fulfillment, fun and growth. 

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8. Bad things happen, even to really good people. 

9. Your health is your life and your life is in your hands! Always get a second opinion and always take someone with you to listen and hear what the doctor is saying. Sometimes when we are stressed we do not hear very well. 

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10. Everything happens for a reason. Have faith that it will all work out the way it is suppose to. 

Bonus: "To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world!"

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  1. Elizabeth, what an inspiring mother you have, and the 10 things you've learnt from her are so true.
    Happy Birthday to your Mother:-)
    And best wishes to you, have a wonderful and happy weekend.
    Jude x

  2. this is a beautiful tribute filled with wisdom and truth!

    thanks for sharing.


  3. Wise words indeed Elizabeth. Your mum knows best! Happy birthday to mum! She made a good'un in you :-)

  4. Good morning Elizabeth!

    YOUR MOM SOUNDS WONDERFUL! How blessed it is that you have her and that her teachings are so loud and clear. I WISH YOU BOTH a wonderful celebration! Anita

  5. Wishing your mother a wonderful birthday, Elizabeth!! I hope you'll get to see her soon. Enjoy the's going to be chilly for us on Sunday.

  6. Wishes for a wonderful birthday to your mother, Elizabeth. I know she must be a very special person.♥

  7. Beautiful Elizabeth! Happy birthday to your obviously very smart mom. I love this and my what wisdom she has inparted on you....I so agree with every single thing.......may she be blessed with good health, happiness and an abundance of love.

  8. Elizabeth...this is such a beautiful, sensitive post dedicated to your mother. Those "10 things" are spot-on....your mother must be a wonderful person...and her daughter seems very nice too!!! I bet you mum just loves this post too. I would! A bientot.

  9. How blessed you both are to have each other...and that you are such beautiful human beings.
    A Very Happy Birthday to your Mom, dear friend!
    Wise and wonderful lessons...
    Hope you will see each other soon!
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  10. I like your mother already! She sounds very wise. I hope her birthday was beautiful. This is certainly a beautiful tribute to her.


  11. Good Morning Elizabeth, What a lovely lady your mother is and so very wise. I still listen to my mother, Phyllis who is 82 years young, as she is usually right in her opinions. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes Daphne


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